DAY 54 Heading to Lake city Day 4

June 6th

The early alarm went off I silenced it as it wa still too cold.

5 am got snoozed and snoozed again before I pulled the plug to my mattress.  I emerged quite quickly  stripped down.  I ate instant oats  washed down with tea. 

Okay snail let’s be fair the first two  miles of trail was very easy  and so I maybe should have gone on.  But nah. I was happy where I was. I passed several lakes and crossed several snow banks.  One piece of trail I ran across  a partridge.  I heard another but could see it .until oh it was white and neatly  camouflaged. This stupid bird just ran in front of me . 

After an hr I began to drop down to another lake  and just getting ready to leave was hotsauce and Aron  1/2 of the Aussies. In the distance climbing was his partner olie. 

I set-off  after them but they have an amazing pace. Plus I keep stopping to  take video and photos. I also like to see where they are going. It was a massive climb  but amazing  views all around.  I expected to now head down but no up zndd ip dome more  . I was almost standing on top of the world .wow. 

And now it was down

The down was via switchbacks  then out onto  a meadow.   Once across that it was another climb .

Once again amazing views.

I took a break and guzzzled some water. Then I noticed a deer watching me . He watched me for a while then just disappeared. 

I finished my break and my climb. I then appeared to be heading down bur the trail was surrounded by this bloody scratchy  Bush that  whips your legs. To be fairs it fucks me right off. There are corridors of the bloody stuff.arrrrrrhhhh.

I eventually emerged  on to a wide open field  with huge pockets of water I walked  straight across and up On the opposite side  trail boys had been busy and had cut the  devil Bush back hurrah hurrah.

The trail now dropped into a wood. Lots of tress were dead due to the beetle but it was still nice and cool.i wandered through the forest for about an hour before emerging out ontoba meadow.  And there was a fast flowing stream.

I dropped my pack. Grabbed a bottle snd instantly  filled in and just as quickly guzzled it down before refilling. I had just sat down when another hiker appeared he was from Hawaii

He had done the Pct and all the longish trails.. then his hiking partner appeared. We chatted a while  we all took long breaks.

OK time to go I had just slung on my pack when I felt raindrops.

And the temperatures  dropped. Better get going.  The two were in front and it appeared as if they were almost running  Omg.

For the next 2ish hrs the trail seemed yo head down. I like this. I followed the river as it made its way down  the mountain.thenin front was a mighty long jam.

Again the trees die. Fall down the river when at peak collects them like matches  and……

I crossed over another meadow  then back into another forest the trail snaked up and there were many blowdowns to cross. But I was fairly happy 3.30 csme and as I crossed another stream I decided to take another break..

But after  I struggled  to get going again.  I seen to hit a 3pm wall.

The trail now climbed sharply   and I had nothing so I plodded and panted as I slowly made my way up 4pm I could stop!@!

No come on snail  I climbed  and climbed puffing and panting

Should I grab water.but I didnt  want to climb with that.

Okay there is a lake in 3 miles

That will do me.

But when you have had enough. Your tired and still heading up 3 miles is a bloody long way.

It was no use I needed help sp out came the ear buds.

Come on snail we have got this

I crossed  several streams and hesitated  at each one. No come on there will be water in the lake lol. Over this hill maybe no

Come on..

At last the lake. 

It’s amazing on reaching camp really lifts me. 

I scouted out a spot  and soon had my tent up.

Then too the lake  to grab water.

Would you believe it scratchy Bush was all around it ,but I succeedd.

Okay tea the orange spiced one and a mountain house meal from one of my youtube subscribers. 

THANK YOU once again

Okay bed.

It seems a bit windy I’m hoping it stops or at least calms down.

Well I’m here so …..

Mileage 15 good effort.

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