DAY 53 Heading to Lake city (The knife edge)


The alarm went off I silenced I am not getting up yet.

Think there were 4 other hikers at the lake last night

I hadnt  heard  them leave but I presumed they had.

At 6.30 I let the air out of my mattress  and slowly got up.and began packing up. 

I put ona brew.the people who sent me a resupply / care package. Included some tea.

It’s is oh so delicious  its by 

Bigelow  and is called  constant gourmet and its tea with orange and spices.  So quenching and tasty.

Okay time us getting on miles to crush. It was fairly warm so I packed my puffy .

First to get back in the trail  so a scramble   up the side to rejoin.

Okay lets go. As I climbed higher I said goodbye to the  pond and ny sleeping  spot.

The first part was nice undulating  so no real  stress yet!!

As I  continued a small heard of elk ran infront of me.sorry still no footage…. 

Okay now time to climb. And then I was facing the knifes edge.

I was going to bail on the alternate  to Trout Lake  if I wasn’t happy.

I walked the few yards to where it beg and put out a foot all the rocks were loose and a huge boulder gave way and went hurtling into the vally below.

Not sure . In fact I was bricking it.

I tried again and another loose rock  rolled  down.

Nope i do not like this. I walked back to where the trout lake.  

The trail wasnt exactly  fantastic either.

I went back over to the knife and looked again . Nope dam too scary for  me. 

I sat down on a rock and began to ponder. 

Then i put on my spikes.  And removed my ice axe .

I stowed  1  tracking pole  but collapsed  the other.

I then put on my pack,before winding my iceaxe lease tightly around  my wrist.

Okay snail 🐌 

I walked back up to the knifes could hear the sound  of my heartbeat in the valley.

This time I stepped lower . Bloody scary I jammed my axe  into the ice and then reached  out with a foot. My other pole was a nuscience. But I couldn’t sort  yet.

I kicked on either my other foot it seemed to hold . I then hacked a handhold in the ice . (Probably not the best way to cross) but it worked for me .I kicked in another  foot hold.  Swung   my axe to make another hand hold.  Gripped it.then another foot.

I was soon across the first ice Chute. My heart was racing and sweat  was pouring  down my face.i stood on the small part of trail,to enable me to get my breath back before moving onto number 2.

To be fair it wasn’t as bad..Thank god and do I was quickly across that then the next and the next. 

I have too say thst the mud  is far slippery  than the snow.

Once across I was on trail but the trail was littered with those scratchy  shrubs.  That  just scratch your  legs  abd I hike in shorts .arrrrrhhhh.

Oh about 6 more ice chutes then I’m done .

Now where  is that bloody trail?

Gotyer.  I crossed  Meadow then began to climb .there was still snow and trying to spot the trail was  taxing. So I headed straight  up and there it was. 

At the next big rock I took a break.then noticed another hiker  far below. I signalled to him where the trail  was but he kept on his course and amazingly 

He intercepted  the trail.

Now why can’t I do that 

His name was kaleidoscope .spooky. and he was heading into Silverton. I told him I was going straight to Lake city

He sped off and I men sped  off.

He was one of the hikers at the 

Lake  last night 

Oh 1 other behind me Snail.

Once I was at the top. I could see which way he went and the other hiker  on his way to me.

I sat here for a few minutes  then began my descent.

I t wasn’t  long until he caught me.

But a little  way up he called  to  advise me of a  turn that he had missed. 

I continued climbing  but again once ip it was a meandered  down.

I then heard voices behind, it was the other two hikers  who had stayed at the lake. 

We chatted a while then they were gone.

I chugged on eventually  catching one who had stooped  to refuel

Good plan I said. I will take mine when  I finish this climb

I chugged un several more layers 

Until I dropped my pack. I took off my shoes  and socks.then poured ice over my left foot as it was feeling tender  today.

I ate a few snacks and relaxed for  15 minutes. 

Okay more to climb .the climb was steep.  But then thst avoided the snow banks.

Once up i could  see the trail snake up the side of the mountain and disappear into  a snow overhang. Mmm thst also looks scary..

I set offup the path and eventually reached the  snow overhang.  Here I could see footprints.  Climbing  up and through  the snow.once up I could see several cairns  direction me

The trail then disappeared  over the edge. I set off after it.

And it was down a very long way down. The trail snaked down and trough so may of the scratchy  shrubs. BASTARD things!

I think I was travelling down for 40 mins +

The trail thenvented the forest. A few tree jumps but nothing scary. 

I could now hear he sound of water rushing down the hillside

When i imerged from the forest I could see it.

I followed it down the hillside,until the trail crossed. I decided to take  a break.I dropped my pack  and went and grabbed two litres 

I was so warm sat there I   put up my umbrella 

I used my magic pen then guzzled down 1 litre before flavouring  the other bottle and adding to my bladder. 

I checked my milage . Omg that’s crap….Oh well.

I think we need some inspiration  and motivation. 

I got our my headphones. Okay snail .

I cranked up the music, grabbed my poles and I was  gone I wanted 6 more miles but 4 will do.

I stomped  down the trail.  Jumping logs and crossing  muddy bogs. I was on a  mission

I pushed and pushed .butvto bd honest there  wasn’t much more in the  tank.

I did as much as I could but at 4pm I was done.

I found a sort of level  spot and thew tent.

I then went to visit the pond and grab water. 

On the way back.xxxx hiker arrived .

We chatted a while.he bailed from he knife edge.he hopes to be in Town Thursday 

The Aussies and his girly are behind and I think struggling.

I got my kitchen together  and fired up my stove. Tea first.then couscous with bacon bits and a cheese wedge

Bloody tasty. Okay i have finished cooking and too my tent

Milage 10 but happy 

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