DAY 51 Heading yo Lake city day 2 ( I love climbing)

June 3rd 2022

I slept really well and was up  by 5.30 and ready to go .just drinking my tea.but then I decided to track myself on my watch after many minutes I gave up and used my phone so  all the faffing took an half hr.

But we are on trail and it imeaditly began to climb  so I was pleased thst I stoped when I did.

The whole morning  I was climbing   with my fav the blow downs  just for fun  eventually I was up.

Wow what great views all around 

Then I was going down  I exited by a great lake  then it was back to climbing then at last it evened out and it was a nice trail again I came to another great lake.  There were several signposts but they were so weathered you were  unable to read them. 

I checked my app I was on the correct path 

As I walked around the lake  the trail became very badly over grown with these bushes that scratch you.  And I hike in shorts. 

I had to force my way throuh. Xnd once through  the trail climbed. I think its going to be like this all day  haha.. Once  up I  had more amazing  views. I then traveled through several meadows  following the  cairns.  IT then dropped down and followed the contours of the mountains. I like this but the trail  was littered either rocks so I was unable to go too fast. . I spent most of the afternoon  climbing small hills.okay lunch.

I stopped in a sunny  spot took of my shoes and socks and relaxed.

I ate 1 apple that I had brought out I checked my milage  I had completed 8 miles that’s good I thought I shod be able to do similar  this afternoon maybe. 

Lunch over I set off but this section of trail was littered with blowdowns.  Fuck I said maybe I won’t do 8 this afternoon.

Luckily  the trail was now clear as I  exited into wide open  area.  With a faint line running off in the  distance. That’s my trail. There is another trail called the  Creded cutoff  I thought it would be better marked as I missed it completely.  Luckily I wasn’t taking  that route 

At the next melt stream I topped up l 1itre  as it was a fair way until the next.  Typically I was now closing again and it was straight up and very steep.  Phew I was puffing and panting. Okay 4.5 miles to next water. That would give me approx 13 miles today

Once at the top I set of following thd trail  4.5 Mike’s I can do that  as its still so early.  The trail meandered over  several small hills. Nothing scary nothing to worry me untill. OMG NO NO 

why !!

The trail then climbed up this massive mountain. I tried to follow the trail  it switchbacked  left and right climbing higher and higher.  

I can’t do that I said to myself. 

But I knew I had to. It looked high very high and snow topped it.

I chugged on and up stopping every 10 minutes to get my breath. But the top still looked out of reach. I kept climbing but the top appeared to stay where  it  was. The higher I got the more uncomfortable I got maybe im too cautious.  But I didnt really like this type  of climb. The trail bed was fairly narrow  and not that  secure. Atlas I was getting there. High above  me sat huge blocks of snow.

Like waiting for  an avalanche.  Don’t know why I’m thinking this. 

Two  switch backs to  go 

I am up phew. I sat straight down on a rock leaving my pack  on.

Wow  I could see all around .especially  the line of the trail  far below  me.. 

Okay down.  Thank god.

It was a  low gradient down  but in places slow is safe and safe is slow. 

But then  I could  up a bit.  As I dropped lower and lower  nope I going back up again following more cairns 

Okay I need water and i would like to camp  …maybe.

Once again I came to several signs

And again they were  so weathered that I could  not read.

I choose the  left option.  Walked a yard  checked my app.

Whoop yes I am  on trail 

Okay next water I  see i will grab. 

I could see a amazing plane  below  me. Should  find a tent spot around there !

The trail went around  the edge ill grab water  from the last stream (less to carry)

At the last one  I dropped my pack and took a bottle  

The water appeared clean   and was Icy cold.i chugged half a bottle. Then flavoured the  rest and poured it back into   bottle.

Omg my pack weighed a ton

I checked my  app, and  looked At the weigh up my options. 

A. Do nothing 

B. Go see a pharmacist 


Okay 1 guy says excellent  water  and camping after  the alternate .

Okay plan D..   

I headed  down the trail  lugging extra water,. Just in case..

Okay..I found a spot and  soon had my  tent up. 

Cooked dinner 

Okay bit it’s a bit windy.

I cooked dinner  a ‘Breakfast skillet’

A freeze dried meal very tasty.

Okay teas brewing. Mountain house is   brilliant 

 And oh so tasty 

That’s it  NIGHT 

Milage  14.9  almost  15


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