DAY 50 leaving Pagosa

2nd June 

I should have gone to bed earlier. But I got watching Contact with Jodie Foster. It was filmed  near pie Town New Mexico. 

But I slept well.

The Alarm went off at 7 I snoozed it and again a d again

Okay im.up I put on coffee .then ate the last two ftuit jellys in the fridge.followed by the last of the potato  salad. 

I still had 1 beer left a whole litre  of lemonade  that I did not get around to drinking .sure the maid will enjoy it..

Okay  snail we need to get out of here. Okay that all I can possibly  cram into my pack it’s going to weigh a ton.

I looked at what’s left. Half a box of  teabags,cheese triangles..

And a few items of clothing I have left a shirt snd hat. I would have put it in the hiker box but thee was not one.

Okay wicked scan of the room . Yup we are done. Let’s go snail.

I hoisted my pack a d we both groaned under its weight.

I am carrying 9 days of food. Yes its lot and is heavy. The next town will be Lake City 114 miles away

And as my milage has been so crap (12 miles per day) I am playing it safe.  Also for this stretch I am carrying  7 freeze dried meals. Much more nutrious.  But they are heavier  too. Time will tell if I’ve got it right

 I begin to walk down the road.sulper is heavy in the air.bye bye Pagosa . I cross the bridge for the last time  and turn right onto the main road I walk a few hundred yard then take up the position.As I am waiting two more hikers make it into town.


I then tell them Rosies fir breakfast.  Post office  is down there. Laundry  is…….

Oh I have a ride driver is off to raft down the river and so will off. 

His wife will meet him at the end and bring  him back.

He notices my patches on my Pack. He did the AT in 2016 so we chat away.

We are soon here. I thank him .he hands  me  a lip chap ( A really expensive one) He explains his wife and him have tried all brands and this  one actually works .

It is called

“Evanhealy” whipped Shea butter and its $10.    Wow.i thanked him then walked  across the road. 

I then get ready.  Removeed my poles,attached my hose to my bladder.  Jacket  on or off?

As I’m faffing. 3 others  arrive a girl named old sole and two freinds cool whip and pokemon. 

Old sole asked my target. I’d like to do 10 but I’d be happy with 8 as it was now  10.30 a late start.

I let then go as they would be faster than me .

Okay snail let’s go. But it would be a slow start. A.I have  had a break lol and, B its Up a big Up

I chugged down the trail . Ehich was actually well maintained.

Yes there were  a few  blow downs  but nothing too mad. 

The trail climbed and climbed by switchback  so not too steep as I crossed valleys I could see the two girls. Mmm maybe try are not that fast. But I was stopping often to take photos  and video. 

Eventually I caught them climbing over a rather large tree. Or rather Pokemon had fallen over it.

Well I couldn’t help but laugh as I passed them .

I was really enjoying the start to this now wound its way around thesides of the mountains  climbing now and then but nothing .mad.

Okay now the climbing began and the snow bumps reappeared.  Mixed in with a few blow downs.

But I still thought I had a good pace the miles and the hrs ticking bye.

As I climbed a small hill I noticed Old sole  sat on log. As it was 1.30 I asked do you mind if I share your log.

We chatted for some time.

She was pleased for me as we had allready done 7 miles and it was still early. And the next lake would be 10 miles. Cool.

SHE  took off first. From the look of the  trail.i presumed we would be going down.

But as soon as i was back on trail it climbed and climbed up through the trees and it stayed this way through most of the afternoon. 

IT has to be me as Old sole was nowhere to be seen.  What I mean is I seem to be forever loosing the trail and it sometimes takes me 5 minutes plus to refind.

It’s better when I’m high as I can look down and find the foot prints.. So I pushed on climbring through tge trees  .the trail  then dropped down into the valley.  So I glasaided down . Far quicker than  walking. But then I lost the trail again. 

The snow was now soft as the day progressed meaning I was potholing so often. And swearing  then digging  my self out  so progress ground to a halt. 

But I was still feeling good so pushed  on  as the sun was still very hot.

I navigated several screes in the snow which were painfully slow  but  krot pushing on at 5pm as inossed numerous  lakes I stooped and topped up water. As I had * completed my milage so the next spot and my tent will . be up. 

Oh that looks good small track just off of the trail 5.30  done.

Now this is the  weird bit

OLD sole. Checked the milage on her tracker and when we stopped for lunch at 1.30 it showed 7 miles.  I have since walked on until  5.30 and my mileage on the app only shows  7.

So something is wrong. 

I do not track my milage as it eats battery but I may tomorrow to see

So milage is 7 by app possibly more!!

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