DAY 49 zero in Pagosa

1st june

What a fantastic sleep and no hurry to get up.

But eventually i made coffe and got organised. 

Got my laundry together. Checked my food and what I may need.

Okay 1st.i need a lease for my ice axe because I didnt think to order one.also fuel and warmer gloves

So I headed  out to find.  One the way I ran into Dustman & Pipers,a  couple  i often run into we chatted a while  and shared our stories and plans .

OK I found  the outdoor store Pagosa Mountain Store. And they were super helpful  and us Cdt hikers  get discount. I liked this shop.

I got fuel, a strap that should do for my axe. Sand a couple more meals  as I’m thinking of carrying on on the red route. And wantcenough food if I struggle  with it .

They Also found me a bus shedule 

On the way back into town I found a bus stop and a bus appeared I psid $5 for a day pass.first stop laundrette. 

At the next stop Cyclops got on how are you did you manage to get pain killers?

Okay laudrette it’s2 miles out of town

Okay laundry  done.

Now waiting for bus and walmart

Thinkni missed the bus do devided to walkbtovwalnart S only 20 minutes.

I dashed around rhe the shop. And got all I needed except gloves. Oh well ill have to survive with out . The outdoor store had them but i didnt want to pay $45

Okay shopping done plus a frozen for  tea.

O waited outside and jumped onnthe bus. It dropped me right outside my hotel.

I dumped my shopping ,cracked a beer then ate my salad that I has  brought from walmart very tasty. 

I then tried phoning to find my missing  box.  No joy.

Okay to the libary to finish off uploading video 

Much much faster here all done in ten minutes.

Okay back to chill and drink   few more beers .

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