DAY 48 arriving in Pagosa

Day 48 almost at Pagosa

May 31st

I had slept really well apart from the Creature of the nights sounds,
my fault I normally hang my trash in a tree. but last night I   just put a rock on it a few yards from my tent, so in the middle of the night there was a lot of rustling.

I just pulled my sleeping bag over my head and rolled over!!

As I was close to town or at least the highway I decided that I could have a lie in. But had set the alarm for 6.30 not really sure why.

It was cold when I awoke my watch said minus 5 and again I had frost on my sleeping bag. Once again thank you Rabb for keeping me all cozy

I slowly began to wake up. Checked the local hotels for a hotel, it was a little pricy  but I wanted somewhere with a decent shower WIFI and a great  bed.

  Okay the Quality Inn seems okay.bit pricy but its a a tourist  town  so that will be my first option. I tried ringing several times but no answer. Okay ill just turn up and see.

And if not Plan B………

Okay I slowly got up and went for a wee, once I opened my tent flap I could see what the rustling was about the whole contents of my trash bag were strewn around, opps I said lol

And then spent the next 5 minutes collecting it all up. I then packed up, what’s the hurry I cannot check in until 3pm. I then made coffee and instant oats. once again, my water was frozen

Okay I’m ready it was 8.30 when I marched down the road, I wasn’t aware but I was on the Wolfs ski resort, I passed several ski lifts, a little further work man was clearing trees, I asked the way (to make sure) 

Yes, sir he said, did you spend the night up there?
yes, I replied a little cold. Yes, carry on this road and through the parking lot, but please cut across thee as the machinery was all in use.

I thanked him   and did as I was told.
It took me about 40 minutes to reach the road. I crossed   and put out mt thumb.

First car that’s great luck.

He was A Navaho welder, he offered me water that I took ,ice cold and not from a pond   lol.

We drove to Pagosa he seemed to know the place well so pointed out landmarks,

He was actually   going to a place 1 block away so that was a result.

I thanked him grabbed my pack and walked the little way to my hotel. Fingers crossed.

The lady booked me in gave me a small discount but made it clear that I could NOT  check in until 3pm.

Is there anywhere that I could leave my pack?
Sure she said.

I dropped my pack grabbed my electricals AND HEADED OUT.

Just as I got outside I ran into Cyclops

Hiya buddy, you just leaving?
No he said but I can’t check in until 3pm and now I have my pack !!
The lady let me put mine in the back room
really snail?

He went back in and came out pack less
What’s your plan snail?
Breakfast I said,
Mind if I tag along,

No problem,
Just as we were about to leave, a young couple came by   and asked us about the trail,
Then asked if we were father and son which made me laugh

Okay   breakfast. we found a place but it was busy and you had to write your name on a list   then wait outside until you were called, outside there were several other hikers so we chatted about the last brutal section.
at last we were called, I had a great breakfast with coffee and orange juice, Cyclops was in pain he had slid down a mountain and bruised his cockits .  so, after he left to find a pharmacy.
I headed to the Library ….

I spent several hrs in here unloading all my word press blogs.fairly pleased. 

I then set off To.the Post office. Whilst there I met Rosemary  whom I hadnt seen in a while.

Okay fingers crossed 2 boxes from Rei and a box of goodies from one of my followers .thank you so so much for your kindness. There was a zip lock with some white things in .I thought they were mints at first  but I worked out they were towls the ones you put in water and they expand . So very  useful do thanks again. 


Okay my room  now is a tip with stuff everywhere..

Okay I need new shoes again all ready.but they apear out of stock.

So I rang Rei.the assistant was very helpful.  And when she tried they  were  avaliable. 

She suggested clearing my cokies.

Well that did the trick and new shoes ordered.

I decided to take a stroll up to the grocer.

It was very clean and tidy  but only sold  healthy food. Which was great  but I wanted some crap  to eat lol.

I grabbed some apples and crisps  I fancied some of there ale but I was expensive. And lastly I needed handcream  as my fingers are sore and cracked.  .

I then walked back calling into the liquer store. I asked him what theocal brewey was and brought a 6 pack of Crank Yanker 7.5 % and a large bottle of sprite. 

Then a lady just before me brought 4 cans of margarita. What’s that like I asked. 

Oh its so good.okay I will grab a tin too.

Once back  I caught  on video. Then was annoyed with my self for not grabbing something for dinner.

I googled a few places but didn’t want to spend a lot. 

I opted for the Mexican.

It wason the river  and overlooked the spa on the other side.

The spa costs about $500 a night!!

But it was busy with prople in and out of the dozens of pools and the smell of sulfur  was in the air.

I ordered Mexico  beer and a shredded beef chimney Chimichanga

It was huge  and oh so tasty  but I struggled to eat it all.

Okay fed and watered time to go.

Once back I carried on editing video and opened my tin  of margarita. Well I am hooked . Its  so tasty 

Well  that’s me done Night all 


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