DAY 44 Headingbto Pagosa day 2

I head a few people moving when my alarm went off but I silenced it and switched of the 5am one two.

6 am that will do 

Even though I was near the lake I had  i condensation  on my tent. Result. 

I packed up and when almost done made a hot chocolate and some instant oats. 

As I walked I stopped to look at the lake . It looked so beautiful. 

Okay let’s go  I was on trail by 7am not the best get away lol.

Okay  trail snail. Typically  after a few yards it was frozen of blow  downs to navigate  around or over . The trail then followed several other small lakes before diving into the forest again  and then began to climb .

Then I hit snow a big wall of it how the fuck do I cross that. Then I noticed foot prints  heading up.

I gingerly climbed on up I was on the trail but still had to climb phew I sounded like an old steam train. The Altitude  just sucks my breathaway . I was slowy chugging when  outage (Calvin ) came by he’s just so fast.

Then the Aussie couple apeared . She was also struggling with the Altitude..I pushed on climbing up into more large snow fields. It was handy having outage in front as I could  see which way to go.

I seemed to have spent the morning climbing through snow then out onto some nice open stretches  but some of these were littered with lava rock so I was not able to get any speed up.

A Marmot dashed in front of me. They are like a cross between a cat and a beaver (to me ). He made me laugh  not sure if I caught him on camera.


It was time to climb again and I could just about still see the Aussies.  .this enables me to rake small short cuts .

It wasn’t a bad climb and I was soon coming down the other side.

I have learnt its better to go back  and it wasn’t far till I saw the cairn I  missed. Below were several lakes and in front a vast snow field. Foot prints went in all directions . I decided to make my own route and it worked out perfect. I then noticed the Aussies  on top . I pointed to the correct path.  But some how they were able to intercept  with me. 

I pushed on through the snow and then snow bumps  after the last one I lost the trail.  …

That’s the bonus of being high up.

I followed them for a while until they stopped at large lake  to water up.

I checked my app I was off trail. So again walked back.the trail turned sharp across a frozen lake 

There was a small climb and then wow there was a huge beautiful  lake. I stated  at it for a while  before moving off. Once again the Aussies  seemed to have found a short cut back to the trail..

The rest of the afternoon   i followed the Aussies.  The trail was long stretches of lava with a dozens of melt water run  offs so it was a challenge to keep your feet dry.. The trail now began to climb and I lost sight of my freinds .I stopped to grab water just in case. Then began the climb .it was long  and steep  and I was puffing again.   Ut wow once on top the views were amazing. But then it was down and once again huge stretches of snow and dozens of streams .

Now the wind had got up and I was getting cold . Even more when the sun was hidden by clouds.  I was still heading down .now I want a tree with shade so I can take lunch.

At last I dropped my pack.filterd some water and had  a few snacks 

Okay back to the trail. First another snow field to cross.

I was doing  okay  but even as I crossed another I missed the trail.

I was just pondering when Monk came by and he was flying, almost running.

I followed after him but lost him and the trail. Another hiker then appeared behind me. Don’t follow me I said I’m off trail

OH. She said and veered left. I followed after her.

It’s here she said.and took off.

I followed after but there was more water than trail. .I gave up keeping my feet dry. 

Every times I crossed a snow field I was lost and it was bloody frustrating  st last I was back on track.the trail now dropped into the forest on a typical trail that i Iike….But even few yards was a snow bump. Some were liw and you could walk over.  Some you had to climb  so it was slow hard work . Then for fun there were  the blow downs too. God this was exhausting.  Shame it was too early to put tent.

Soon the snow returned  and I struggled to follow the trail.

At last the trail was clear and I came out into sunshine. Sat to my left was Monk and smother hiker.

We said our greeting then I carried on but not too far ahead I took a break

Okay back to the trail but where is it . I waited as other hikers appeared and seemed to instantly  know where yo go 

Xxxxx came past hi snail.  We walked for a while  but I said see you later as I could not jeep up to her pace.

I Then came to some huge snow fields.  I set off across following the numerous  foot prints but some of the drops were dam scary  so when possible I stopped and put on my micro spikes

Just gives me a little bit more confidence.  I  was croosong these for near two hrs and I was exhausted. Then the footprints went off  in all directions. Where did every one go.  I headed down. 

Big Mistake I was off trail again. 

It took all my strength to climb back up  potholing   and swearing.

Okay I was back.on trail.  But where are all the footprint. 

The ones I was following were the Aussies. But where was every one else

I must admit of being aittle worried stuck on the mountain in snow. I followed the trail  and footprints almost disbelieving in them both. At last we began to drop down . Thank god  phew. 

The trail was now visible to see. 

At the next large stream I grabbed water zs I was down now just somewhere for my tent

As I walked into a open area I could see tents god this was my spot that I was shooting for

I foundca spot not perfect but I’m done.

Okay  tent up dinner eaten

Another hard day 

Night all

mileage 12

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