DAY 42 Leaving Chama

25 MAY

I slept well but today I needed to get back  to the trail but hey I’m in a hotel so can lie in a bit longer.

At 8.30 I  tempted myself from the covers .put on the coffee and walked into the shower..

Last one for a while lol

I drank my coffee and packed up the last bits. 

Okay Last day let’s have  breakfast.  I walked down the road to the box  car  cafe.

When I entered I saw Yonny and Bex a kiwi hiker who is taking the bus to flip up state.

It was good to see yonny he’s one of the mad ones who road walked from  Cuba and only its damaged his feet mmmm really.

I ordered my breakfast it was okay not the best but it filled a hole.

Okay snail we need to get out of here

 I finished packing  decided I should take the snow snows with me so took  me a while to attach  them  

Okay let go my pack was stupidly heavy. Lots of food extra clothing  and water that I probably  will not need.  I marched down the road.  They have fired up the steam engine today so clouds of smoke fill the air.  As I was waking I was joined by another hiker hexwas staying at thecother RV Park.

He said people had better luck hitching  from there. 

So we walked and talked. When we got there another hiker was already in position 

 It was 5 course the kiwi I met yesterday.  Do you mind if I stand with you?

Not at all snail

Well as luck  would have it the third car picked us up I think it was dad and son going to their cabin . And on the trailer behind was a  quad.

They were really nice,chatty and  interested in our hikes.

It wasnt long until we were there.

Brilliant.we both thanked them  

 5 course was heading North  but for me I wanted to visit  the border as I had felt cheated as we were unable to cross it as the forest was I had decide yo hike back the 2.5 miles take a photo and hike back then onwards. 

See you up the trail  we both said and set off in different directions. 

I had only gone a few yards when  I hit snow more of a small mound.i climbed  over and continued the trail climbed  but not steeply  and was aided by great switch backs.

 But then the blown downs begun.some I can step over,some  are a climb over and others are find a way around

So this slowed me down as well as the numerous snow banks to climb. 

Soon I came to a open space Shere I could see the whole of the valley  wow simply amazing.

I pushed on climbed  steadily but not too steeply. Then I dropped down into a sort of meadow .as I out a small lake  pond I could hear the bullfrogs singing. After this the snow and blowdowns became a pain and my pace   slowed.  Over under around   . The trail  also become quite  wet and slippery  my sticks were stowed in my pack  so I had to be careful. 

Think i am past  that bit   but no the trail now becomes boggy and is coverd in a plant that starts off looking  like chicory  but green then blooms into a tall wide plant havnt a clue what it is .

Okay more blow downs.

And then I am here  whoop whoop I drop my pack and take numerous  photos and video


Then I just sit on a log and gaze. It’s so quite and peaceful 

I guzzle down a bottle  of water that I didn’t need to have carried.

I poured my second one away too

Why did I carry them both as there was plenty of water on trail

I must have sat there for 40 minutes before hoisting my pack and heading back.

So same as before but in reverse.

It took me an hr and a half to get back with the tree jumping and snow climbing

But back at Cumbres Pass  I was.

Whilst here I climbed up to see the station or train terminus.

I thought it looked great . It reminded me of the stations when I was a kid.

Okay snail we need to move as it was  almost 3 pm .

I hadn’t planed on doing too many miles  maybe walk until 5  as it was a late start and the tree climbing saps your energy

I got to the  trail and was just signing the register when Ninja appeared   she’s from Germany snd like most youngsters is fast.

I set off knowing she would soon  catch and pass me an she did.

I like it as when they are that fast you can see them miles ahead and know which  way  the trail is going.. I pushed on thinking wont see her again. And was miles away when another hiker came the other way

 Her Name was Rats  and I’ve seen her a lot in town as she too is waiting for a box. 

We chat I while then I push on  and meet the blown downs 

 Some are huge and takea little time to navigate around.

I pushed on and on just feeling relaxed. But then I began to worry about  water as i had not read the comments  so they could be dry. At that moment I stepped over a stream . That will do. I dropped my pack and with my cup  filled a litre. 

NB. From town this morning I have filled my bladder.  But have not attached the have been unable to drink normally. 

I could then see mountain stream rushing  down the mountain . The trail seemed to follow it for a while  then I had to cross over  as I climbed up the other side .sat was Ninja. Sweet spot I said and pushed on . But really  my back was a little sore and I was thinking if a nice spot comes up  i will throw up my tent.

But I pushed on but i was thirsty

When I came to another stream .I stopped dropped my pack and sat on a great log, drank the 1/4 litre of unfiltered water had left.

I then decided I needed to drink more so filled up the empty bottle then used my new steripen.

It had  a smily face so u was good yo drink it. 

Oh it tasted good and it was cold great

Then Ninja appeared and stopped for a  chat. 

She wanted to practice  her English. But couldn’t work out what  nationality  I was.

I laughed I  am British.  She thought I may be Australian 

I told her I was from Oxford (Near)  bug she struggled  to understand me 

I laughed again. I said I live in the country so am  bit of a carrot Cruncher

This time she laughed. 

We chatted  more and then itws time to hike .

It wasnt long  until  I could see her  on the other side of the mountain.  Fucks she’s fast. Or maybe I’m slow lol. The trail  snaked down and then to my left I could see a waterfall. 1st one of this trail.

As Ninja  was on the other  side I was guessing that I will  need to cross this river. 

 Sure enough after several switch backs I was at the water’s  edge.

Mm wet feet maybe. But then I spied two logs further down stream. Great I was across and dry feet. Once I was back on trail I was greeted  with numerous blow downs and snow. 

Fantastic  I said to myself.

There was a huge tree down  hanging above the trail so no climbing and I couldn’t walk under it so hands and knees.  

Okay that’s down ..there were flat spots but they where surrounded by widow  makers

 ( Dead trees that Could fall on you).

I had a bit of clambering to do then  i emerged onto a small   clearing.PERFECT!!

I soon had my  tent so looking forward to  sleeping  in my new bag.

 I searched for a log then dragged

It back to my tent I need something to sit on 

I finished off my tent,inflated my mattress  then I could relax. 

I made a cuppa. Then cooked ramen. Actually bloody tasty.

Okay 6.30 I climbed  into my tent.

A early night might be good.

Mileage is  10 l..But a late  start early finish. lots of obstacles. Lots of stopping to film and take photos

I’m.Happy with ten 

Mileage  10

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