DAY 41 Chama day 3

24th May

My alarm went off  i silenced it.

And dozed . My phone then began to Ring….I answered  it, it was the post office confirming that they had found my box .

I’m a little excited  could be my cold gear  could  just be my junk box ..

I got up, put on the coffee machine  used the bathroom and slowly woke up.

Mm good coffee.i drank it then I was ready. I was a little  excited  as I walked  to the  Post office. 

Wrong Name!

Good  morning I said as I walked in. The post master lady smiled back  we have your box.she disappeared and came back with it and typed it into her system.

It was our fault she said we read your name wrong and marked it as Watt (the return name of my freind in Texas)

Really I think it was me as I had printed these labels in the UK and  swapped the to and from  positions

But I was so greatfull and thanked  them both for their efforts.

I walked back to my hotel with a huge grin on my face.

I put my box onto my bed and slowly opened it whoop whoop it was my cold gear box .

I sorted out what I needed  and  put aside the rest to bounce later.

I then spent half an hour  phoning the post office in texas again still no answer. I tried the automated route several times but that also failed. Okay I took my spare gear to bounce and headed tonthe post office again. On the way I ran into shredder a hiked I hiked with on the Pct in 2014  small world . Once done I thought i need  a stroll so devided to  visit my other friends at the Rv  camp  the other end of town also thats where the store is that sells beer.

Shoes,Ducky,Chameleon & Snail

I  so set off up the road and soon caught up with another hiker from Canada called 5 courses. He eats well lol.

Okay I wished him good bye and headed to the RV Park I walked  up to the bench but the guys were not here. I rang them they were at the store and heading back.

But a few yards up was Monk.


t time I saw him his feet looked like hamburgers.

And I think he had to have medical care.  But was now all good.

As Shoes and Chameleon  apeared I noticed a third person..

Wow it was Ducky. 

She had  been off trail to a wedding and was back.

It was great to catch up with every one and Monk took our picture. 

Their campsite was well organised like someone’s larder.

Shies began to cook hotdogs, Chameleon  was making pasta  and Ducky had the remains of mack cheese in her pot.

Shoes offered me a hot dog thst  was really tasty.

Okay guys    I may see you up trail  or when ever as they may flip ( jump up trail to escape the snow )

I walked over to the shop. I asked about fuel .but they hadn’t unpacked their delivery yet.

I  brought beer. Bagels, ham,cheese  spread.a frozen meal for later, crisps and a tub of ice cream.

I paid and was just out of the shop when I heard voices  calling me. It was  one if the assistants saying we have unboxed the fuel.

I went back inside they only had small canisters and it was expensive but if you need you need

I set off back to town and luckily got picked up  and dropped back.

I thanked her so much.

Okay time to chill.i.put my dinner ice cream and  most of the beer in the fridge.

Back in my room I open a can of ale and flicked through the TV.

I then gave the texas post office   several more  goes. Again no answer. 

I made two ham and cheese bagels  which were tasty washed down with ale.

After several hrs of vegging  it was dinner the dinner was a cheap frozen meal  but very tasty. 

After that I demolished the tub of ice cream.

Okay I had better pack.  Okay thats as much as I can do until tomorrow .

I think more relaxing and ale drinking is required.

Night all

Mileage officially  still zero 


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