DAY 40 Day 2 Chama

23rd May

I sleep really well when I don’t have to get up

I put on the coffee machine and stepped into the shower.

Oh nice hot water , treat  😋 

I got dry and drank my coffee.

Okay snail Positive thoughts !!!!

I grabbed the paper work and headed for the post office

I joined the queue,as I was waiting  Chameleon  arrived. 

Okay my turn.they still were unable to locate my box that says it was delivered here. But they will look again after lunch. They advised me that my other box was at chama  Colorado and try to ring and the other was at Elpaso Texas.

I tried customer services  no help. 

Okay I rang the first PO The  man was helpful and said it had been returned to sender. So Lordsburg. 

I rang  Lordsburg  next ,it wasn’t  there yet so.i left a forwarding address.

Next was Texas but no answer after a dozen rings 

Okay I need some fresh air  so went for a walk up the road  .I called in at the local store.  But most of the shelfs had been stripped by us hikers there appears to be  high numbers this year. But I managed to get needles and thread to repear  my pack.

My repair

Wandering back through town I recognised  several hikers in the garden of the coffee shop,sat by a huge fire pit. Seems every body is waiting for a box or missing a box .

Okay mind made up now   I will reorder  kit when I get back to my hotel and hike out tomorrow..

So ordered and sent to Pagosa

I then visited the post office 1 more time they again were really helpful. But sadly no box.but again I left  forwarding   address just in case.

Okay I feel a lot better even though I’ve spent another $300  on replacement kit.

Okay relax .I finished off my potato  salad and ham.followed by a fruit jelly washed down with a beer.

I then repaired by  looks okay well will do .(hopefully)

Now to do nothing 

Well I heard from fellow hikers  out on trail that there are blizzards up there and they are bailing  so …..

I have booked another day  in town.

Omg just had email office they have found a box .

Not sure which one . But I’ll go grab it tomorrow . Excited !!

So now tv beer and chill.

Mileage  still zero


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