Day 39 zero in Chama

22nd May

Good morning I slept very well.

But I’m feeling  in limbo. 

I’m stuck in town,as I need my equipment  that’s in  merry-go-round  and is not here.

Hopefully some one at the post office can stop it and get it returned to me.

But  realisticly that will be   several days. But spending more days in town may mean hopefully less snow but staying in town is expensive.  I have booked the hotel until Tuesday.  After that I will probably move to the Rv site and tent  as its only $20 a night but no TV  lol.

So at the moment I’m being lazy and  watching TV  ( it’s cheap)

But I’ll go explore laters.

Okay time to get out. I headed out of town  on the way I bumped into bandaid  she was getting  itchy feet too and wanted to hike .I know the feeling.  She hopes to get out Monday. I explained my dilemma to her. Okay  I carried on and found the RV PARK. As I approached it shoes and Chameleon  were coming the other  way. We walked back to their campspot. i wasn’t too bad and they are still Cowboy camping ( it’s a bet).  We then walked to the store. 

I brought beer. Something for lunch / dinner,fruit,crisps and juice.

Okay time to head back .I put out my thumb  and it wasn’t long until I got picked up and back at my motel.

Okay chill time. Wow its almost 5pm. I opened my tub of potato  salad and  sliced ham dug in with my spoon  .both very tasty  washed down with beer.

Okay im a tourist too and as there is a steam railway across the road I might as well explore.

The trains run and take passengers up the mountain but I’m not sure of the time table or if there are restrictions because of possible fire ( Ash from the train)

Well I enjoyed just pottering about the yard boys and toys maybe

Okay back to my hotel and relax as there is nothing more I can do until tomorrow .


Mileage Zero


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