DAY 37 ZERO in Cuba

Friday 20th May 2022

Woke up lazily it’s a zero no need to rush.

I did a few  chores then went across the road to the Cuban  cafe.. ordered a great breakfast washed down with endless cups of coffee. Okay post office. Oh yes  my new walter filter is in . Whoop. I then quickly called into  the Dollar  general for some bits  before heading to the library.  The lady was really helpful and I chose a pc to use. I downloaded  an updated intenery  to help with my planning. I then updated several  videos but the speed was crap  I was there for 4 hrs . But got  a lot  done. Then home to chill .I  had managed to secure a ride  to Chama so began  to pack up.

Then had a video  call to freinds back at home. Once done I sorted a box to send to my freind Tartan.

But omg I can’t find my passport.  panic,panic

I stripped the room checked my tent. Double checked. Fuck omg. 

I went to post office sent the box. Chatted about my  to them about my passport then went  police station they were helpful but not.

Fuck I shouted when walking back.

As i turned the corner of the motel  the owner of shouted  its you

Omg she had my passports 

I gave her a huge hug I was oh so great full.

Okay  now I can relax.

When I shock  out my pack this morning  it must have come out but I didnt notice  it.

My new Rab bag mmm zzzzz

I cracked a beer and slowly packed up again. Breathing a sign of relief 

I put on the TV and watched Ford v ferrari.  Great film .

I then relaxed more with a few more ales and had an early night.

Mileage   still zero 


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