DAY 38 To Chama

21st May 2022

I decided to have a early night .

Big Mistake  as I couldn’t sleep,  not sure what was bothering me but I tossed and turned  until stupid o clock

The alarm woke me and I jumped into the shower this time the water was red hot. So a quick shower.

I finished  packing ,  then left the motel, i crossed over the road and  began walking to McDonald’s our meeting place.

As I pass  the laundrette  I heard a voice “Snail. “

I turned to see Chameleon  closely followed by Shoes.

We chatted for a few minutes  before I needed to move.

Once at McDonald’s  I ordered  bacon & egg muffins,hash browns and coffee. 

Rip it up and  Pacer where here but they had a tide organised with freinds

Then bandaid arrived ( she had organised  the transport)

After breakfast we went outside there were 8 of us hikers so two cars. 

 Frank was our driver snd his brother the other. 

Just before we entered their was  an original log cabin so we all had a nose. Amazing it’s still standing  wow.

We set off in convoy,stopping first at Ghost ranch as some hikers had boxes here

Then we posed for a photo  once we entered  the guys on the gate were not that happy  and so not a warm welcome here. 

The place was heaving  lots of people  with their easels  and were painting some looked  amazing. I wandered around and brought a cold drink while others  picked up their Resupply boxes

There seemed to be several events going on  as there were people queuing  everywhere

 We then returned to the car and continued on 

On the way we had a long stop  as there was construction  work happenening.  impressive.  It was a long complex  of various vehicles all in a line.  And what they were doing was breaking up the tarmac  mixing it up adding more tar and then relaying it.

Very impressive.

Further on it began to rain,real rain wow. 

Eventually we made it into chama and our drivers stopped at the post office. As I got out the air was really chilly nothing like new Mexico. Once inside  It was busy with dozens of hikers  posting boxes, picking up boxes ,repacking boxes and just being busy.

I joined  the line.

Robinson 3 boxes I said passing over my drivers licence 

She went away .came back later empty handed. 

Nothing she said. Do you have  tracking no,?

Yes I did but it was in the bottom of my pack. 

I hurried outside  and began to search through my pack.

Great. Got it. I went back inside and handed over my receipts .

Once again she was gone for a while.  She returned  with several sheets of paper. 

And explained that NONE of my packages  were here.

Really I said to myself . Another  problem.  Okay looks like I will chase Monday !!.

Okay hotel. Luckily  there was room in the one opposite the post office .I took three nights .

I may be here a while as I need my snow gear. So will camp some where cheaper if necessary.

But I will work that out Monday

Not sure whats gone wrong but wrong it is.

Okay all the guys in the cars are hungry so we find a restaurant. I try quellias  (chicken) bloody good and a couple  of beers.

Right we all head off in different  directions  apart from Mr Green who heads out to the trail. 

Once back in my room I try to make sence of why my parcels are  not here.

But will possibly be best to chat to the post office Monday.

So now tv and chill

During the evening  I get a  message from  Chameleon  and Shoes they are in Town and  staying at the Rv Park. Sounds a  okay place. So will probably stay there next week.

Okay now I am hungry. I take a nose around town and as I’m passing a couple come out of restaurant and say its  great here.

Alrighty then..I walk inside and order a pizza and beer.then head  outside  there  is a great fire pit and about a dozen people. 

The beer is a cloudy  Ipa called hazy sunshine.very tasty. Then my pizza arrives.  I have to say its incredible, really tasty and cooked perfectly..  I ordered  another beer  then got chating to a few locals .they brought me a couple of beers.we sat around the fire pit chatting until it was my bed time.

Mileage still zero.


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