DAY 36 A change of plans

19th May

snail we got this today.

The alarm  went off at 4.45 and I was up ,the bed was let down and I was packed but still couldn’t get on trail to 5.30.

But 5.30 is good  okay to the water.

Have to say that this was one of the best sleeps ever .

I pushed on in the cool morning  got to grab those miles while it’s  cool.

But I had a lot of climbs that I was not expecting. When it’s cool I don’t feel the need to drink but start to climb and then I need the precious .As I went around a corner there was   Energiser. Oh wow.

We chatted a while on how brutal this part was. Tented nearby was uncle sticks.  .I waved and set off. But there were more climbs  bugger  I said as I gulped more water. I pushed on knowing water is near.  But I was going up and down  come on water  as I climbed yet  another messi  I could see a water tank .

Oh joy and I began to speed up but the trail was going in the opposite direction. REALLY…..

I decided that this was not the water I was heading for  dam,

As I sucked the last of my water. 

In the distance was a road.

Energiser  caught me .

There may be a cache by the road Snail.

I hope so I said I am out.

I have a splash he said.

I followed Energiser to the road, we crossed over and followed the trail. Sat a bit back beneath a tree sat a palet  of water omg and thank god.

I poured  a jug into my bottle and necked it and once more

I was realy dehydrated 

While we were here Uncle Sticks arrived and gave us news of the trail closure  or rather New Mexico have closed all  of their

national parks  and so Cuba is the end of the line for us hikers. So we can’t travel further with out  traveling forward.

Oh oh decisions. 

I sat pondering, my plan was to hike north going to chama/chama  missing out ghost ranch

So I go forward to chama  and continue as I have gear waiting in chama.

Although I saw the physio  in Grants my hip is still very I tossed a coin  hike on to Cuba or hitch

HITCH  on. although it took me 3 rides the second ride were lovely  they gave me water and pushed a handful of dollars into my hand

Thank you Oh so much.

The last  ride was in the back of a pick up.I got dropped off at the motel the sugn said no vacancies but then the owner,an elderly  lady appeared and said yes I am sure I can fit you in . You can put your pack inside and ill let you know when it is ready.

I imeaditly  went to the Dollar store brought 2 ice creams 2 cold drinks and a pack of crisps. Just as I got back yonny arrived. I’m going to Mcdonald’s.

Okay cool .so set off after him passing so many well known faces. Rachel,old bag.and others whose names I forget

Again more familiar faces in side Mcdonalds

i orderd 2 cheese burgers large fries and a strawberry milkshake. 

All tasted so good fast food, but real food.

Oh the way back I stopped at the post office. I had two boxes a food box and one from Rei  whoop.

Once back I threw on the air con and opened the box from rei  wow my new Rab sleeping bag   wow  looks fab and so much plumper that my feathered friends bag that ill send home.

My new Rab bag

The other box was my food box that I had bounced twice from Lordsburg. So  some nice things and things I just won’t eat .so I need to sort .

But no new water filter. Tracking says tomorrow so fingers crossed.

Okay shower

Ah all clean again

Next chores I grabbed my old bag. Grabbed laundry and headed to the post office first .

That went well and the lady was  so helpful. So it is on route  back to the UK.

Next laundry.  Not not too painful. I was just leaving when another hiker arrived.  But I’ve forgotten his name  sounds like rapid  but  not.

Okay chores done I need ale which is the other oart of town.

I grabbed my fav beer and walked back popping into Dollar general for a something for dinner and some lemonade 

Okay time to relax

I worry about logistics tomorrow.



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