DAY 34 Making more miles

17 may.

The alarm went off I snoozed it but then began to move. 

Got to do better than yesterday!

As yesterday was crap.

I packed up  drank my  hot chocolate and  I was away. 

2 miles  from yesterday then  we will  see. (2 miles until  water)

Shirt on or off ?. Its a  bit chilly shirt on. ..I wear my vest all day long  but put an over shirt on in the mornings.  But thst comes off as soon as I heat up.

I was on trail by 6  better start snail. Typically the trail after I camped was really nice and flat. So maybe I should  have gone on to the water….Maybe  maybe.  Ha ha. I teased myself.

The 2 miles soon went. This happens after a good night’s sleep  .

I saw the cow trough  on the mide if the field as I made my way over I could still see tents under some trees. It looked like Energiser  and uncle Sticks. (IT wasnt) I  filterd several liters and carried a litre of dirty just in case.

I was off and making good progress as it was mainly  road walking or dirt track walking but it was scattered with stones ,mainly lava. This continued  miles after mile  sometimes it was smooth  other times just rock .

There wasn’t much to see either at 9am I took my mid morning break. It was near a pond (no thank you) I enjoyed my break as I was leaving I caught sight of two hikers behind me. I had a small bump to climb then back to the road   such fun. The road now pased through open land with little to no trees  for shade and the temperatures had suddenly  rocketed up. Omg.

I stopped again under a tree to put on my umbrella.  As I was sorting it the two hikers came by they were from oklahoma.and hiking from Grants to Cuba..

I watched them go as i struggled with my umbrella. Okay all good I set off after them. Keeping them in sight  but after an hr even with my umbrella I was melting. FUCK….why can’t I do this itcws no good I needed yet another break.  I found a tree with decent shade and seemed refuge.

I was planing on takeing 20  minutes  but woke up an hr later. Oh dear…. but I must have needed it. But as the morning go on it just gets hotter  DOH!!

I pushed on with fresh legs and was doing great  as the road weaved inside out of trees still no shade. As I crossed a wide open place  I was happy there was a breeze to cool me down …. untill it got a little  a little fierce and turned my brolly induce out  bugger  and @@@@.

It wa difficult trying to save your umbrella and and  walk.

I somehow manzged  to rescue it and close it. . But now the sun was not bring kind and so once again

 at 2pm I hit the same wall. And was really cross with myself. 

Yet another shady tree. I did a water check I’m okay and it’s only 4 more miles  so had a extra  doze.Okay  let go get this water…

 The miles counted down getting closer   fantastic.  My app said .9 miles to go but as I turned into the path there was a sign saying spring with 1.6 miles written on it. 

Okay snail we need some inspiration. I put in my ear pods and we marched on. 

At last I’m here but the signs were not exactly  clear. I wondered sound then just followed the footprintst (This can be  dangerous  lol.)

I wasn’t sure  about leaving my pack. So took it with me . The water was across a canyon up and over then down the side of a cliff. Such fun.half way down I could see people. 

It took about 15 minutes to get down.

at the bottom were the two hikers I spoke to earlier.  The water was good ice cold from a I didn’t filter.  I emptied the water from my bladder and refilled it,then my two  bottles. While I was here I made a cuppa.  The two other hikers left and began their route back. Then two others arrived they had left their packs up at the top.  Wise.

Her name was Rip it up. Can’t remember his except he had done  27 miles so far or 37 ?

I have to say I don’t get it. I do not see any reason to try and cover such vast milage. I think your not taking in the trail,listening to nature . But then I’m just bloody slow. On the Pct I averaged  22 a day.  But didn’t have these huge  water carries.  Water is heavy. And I’m much older and …lol.

Any way it’s his hike. I left  and  started the slow walk back up the mountain  less than 20 minutes ..I’m happy with that.

Okay it just gone 5pm . And i have  full tanks. I set off and imeadity the trail began to climb  but then it was flat a nice flat okay I’ll go to six. I pushed on waiting  for the fast team to come by.

Okay it six . Should  I go on ? ,ooh flat spot. That will do. 

And in  fairness I was done.

I find the sun here just drains me

Okay tent up  and several cups of tea and it’s bed

Night all  and

Miles 21. Phew

Total distance so far 575*


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