DAY 33 Not quite enough

16th May.

I slept really well but not long enough. I quickly packed up as  water  was boiling for tea.

I drank  it stowed it  away and I was ready.

I followed the trail until I came to the blazed trail for water. Okay I’ll grab one more  bottle. So dropped my pack I said its a long way  there and back.

Okay happy now I hoisted my pack .it was several small climbs.  At the top was the two boy’s  from yesterday. 

I did my greetings then pushed on . After this, the trail just climbed and climbed. But it stayed level after this. Hurrah I pounded down the trail as it  was good and the miles were whizzing.

As I began to go down a small service road I could see some  elk but I couldn’t get my phone out quickly enough.  So I held it just in case and typically as soon as I put it was a dozen more bounded past. Oh well then 5 deer skipped past.nice.

The path then flowed into  a estate   open area almost like a estates garden . In the center was a murky  pond  nice. Luckily I had enough water thank you.  The trail  skirted this  beautiful  park. As I climbed up and out I could see a building,it was marked as Pavilion  on my  App..when I got there it was a open Pavilion.  With just enough shade. Then I spotted a drop toilet. So  had  to investigate. If you see one you have to use it lol.

I went back to the Pavilion  and put on a brew and ate a few snacks. It’s amazing how a cuppa  can really perk me up.

At 11 the trail began to climb and climb sharply. Then it was  smooth   for a bit  steep  down and then another  climb that went on and one. At last that leveled out. OK water i walked down a small trail then I could see  another hiker getting water  brilliant. 

When I arrived  Energiser was sat on his chair lunching. Nice I thought.

I found some shade , Grabbed  my bottles   then went to find the water.  It was icy cold. So I did not filter. 

I took them back to  where i had left my pack  then relaxed .

Okay trail  bugger  its now very very hot

I still don’t seem to have any ooph after lunch I blaming  the sun but it could be  the  Altitude??.

Okay 8 more miles,should  be  easy right! I should be able to do That by

I set off okay but it wasn’t  long until my pace was crap. But I kept pushing  and pushing. The first part after lunch was fairly flat or down.but now I was ready to climb. 

Just as I was pondering Father  sticks appeared and took off up the mountain. I followed but when I got to the top he was nowhere to be seen,

I eventually found him taking a break.  As I made my way down trail the temperatures began yo climb so I looked for a shady tree. .At 3.30 I took a break but most have dozed off as I woke at 4.30

Well I didn’t realy sleep well last night.

Okay snail 4 miles

Once again I attacked the trail  but I was loosing I just didn’t have anything left  in my tank.

At 5.50 I noticed a spot.

That will do. I got my tent up while tea was brewing.

 I’m 2 miles short for water.  Yes I could have pushed on  but I didnt.

I had water so I have camped

Mileage looks  disappointing 

But for me it was  a tough day 



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