DAY 32 Leaving Grants

15th May

I should have gone to be earlier!

I woke up at 5.30 znd even through I had packed most things up there was still lots. 

I eat the last two chicken filets thst I couldn’t eat last night. Then a orange. Then the gator aid.

When I removed my charging block  from the socket it left one of the pins stuck.  Oh need a new one. Okay every thing packed.  Oh one last look. I wentvdown to reception to check out. He insisted I grab a coffee so I did. 

Okay  back to the trail.i walked along the main road.nornal on the Cdt  but still a bit scary. As I was passing the hotel of  hawkeye and Dr Tom I quickly called in and used the facilities too.


I wished them good luck and them me . I cut through several streets and then tripped on the placement and landed in a heap.i lay there for a few minutes  like a moored tortoise..luckily  I was able to put out my hands. My left wrist hurt but nothing broken. Knees and thighs more cuts. I then managed to right myself. Said a few fucks.  And staggered  on until I regained my composure. 

Like most Towns on the Cdt its a road walk in a down a road walk o ut.As I had already walked this way for my physio. I knew that the dog park had water so was carrying less. As i made it along the toad two other hikers joined me grandfather  sticks and  Energiser

The actual road walk to the trail was actually 6 miles long. But it was hot and of course up hill.

As we left town I pased by  the prison.  No trail magic

At last the trail head appeared a real trail head amazing..I took 10 mins in the shade  before starting.

Wow an actual  trail. It would its way around the lava  higher  and higher. Wish I  had left earlier  as it was cooking out there. I ran into a woman who wished me well and said stay safe.  As I climbed the views were pretty good. I then met two men who were fairly chatty. Its .7  to the top one said then it’s all flat.  I pushed on but then needed  a break as it was HOT!. Just as I sat down a runner flew past me. Wow I said.

Oh the apple.  I had taken an apple  out with me from town  Mmmm that was tasty. Oh back to the climb

I set off after him and had him st a good pace. We were crossing  wide open spaces and in the distance trees.. As we got closer  he peeled off for shade  .Good plan do I did similar. After 20 minutes it was back  yo the trail the trail climbed through the want had just bloody hot.I had to stop every two hrs. Then I noticed I was low on water. How can that be . So now I was in save mode. .bugger. should have check this at the dog .

As I reached the summit granddad sticks was just moving off from his break.  Wow the views from up here were stunning. 

Actually  I just think it was so hot I was drinking more and more .

Even though there was plenty of shade on this section  it was still roasting. No I had had enough. I found a tree with plenty of shade.deployed my umbrella  and relaxed. I took a hour and a half.

But then sun was no cooler I needed 8 more miles to get to water.  I I don’t think I had them.i decanted my bottles to my bladder. I was under 2 litres scary.

I pushed on but had no pace in this heat.the water was worrying  me.i carry plenty but today it was not enough. After about an hr I needed  another  break. SNAIL. This is crap (,my pace and stamina). I pushed on again  but could not keep the pace.

I stopped again okay I’ll wait to 7 when it cooler. I wouldn’t  need so much water.or maybe another hiker could dare water. That way I could then camp. 

I waited no one came.fuck. okay 3 miles left 

I was now out of water.  The miles went agonisingly  slow and the light was fading.  

Okay im here. Or close,i dropped my pack. Took my bottles ,bladder and cup and dropped down into the canyon and headed downstream. Nothing.nothing.nothing  fuck

Then I saw a blue blazed footpath 

I hurried along in the fading light and yes a spring. I filled a bottle  and chugged it down without  filtering  the contents. I did another half before filling everything up and heading back. In the dimming light. God it seems twice as far going back and with the weight of the water

Okay ifound my pack, gave the area a quick scan.yup it will do.

I retrieved the water and my pack and stood it by a log.

Then I laid out my ground sheet.threw my sleeping bag on  top. I then secured the corners

Before making two cups of tea.

I sorted out my pack then got into bed. t was too dark to put up my tent and I didn’t bother with my pad . I could be cold.

I actually slept well although the mossies  were a pain. Buzzing around my ears

I was just nodding off when the moon arrived with her big searchlight.god it was bright.

I slept really well , just a not enough of it.

Mileage  21.1


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