DAY 31 2nd zero Grants

Day 31   Zero 2

Again, another great night   in a great bed.
I got up lazily as   I didn’t think I had to rush.
take the bus down town post office grabs a coffee then walk over to the Physio perfect.
So, I grabbed another cup of coffee   before heading out to catch the bus!!
I sat there for a few minutes (the buses are fairly regular.

MMM, I thought so I rang them. Fuck!! they do not run-on Saturday…
No problem I have plenty of time Loads of time so set off walking   half way there I ran into Hawkeye and Dr Tom, hey guys well to see you.

They were on chores      we agreed to catch up after 12 at the Brewery, I told Hawkeye about gas and so I said I would pick him one up.

I checked the post office, mothing I hasn’t really expected it after the conversation with REI.
Okay gas and a coffee. The Café was slightly busy so took me a few minutes to get served.

I grabbed my coffee and sat down then casualty    looked at google maps for the location of the Gym where the Physio was. FUCK FUCk its almost an hour away and its already 10past and my appointment is 10.45 how can I mess this up.

I headed off to the Physio   dumping my coffee in the nearest trash can. It was a long way away and it was hot.  I pounded the streets walking as fast as I could. it was still a long way to go    as the appointment time neared, I phoned her to explain my predicament.
no problem she said in a reassuring voice.

I passed by the dog park taking note that they had water and outside a porta potty (useful)

At last, I was there arriving hot and sweaty not that I had preferred.
Monica was really great asked what my main issue was then went to work.
Wow I my hip and thigh   felt so much better, and she gave me some tips and exercises.
Which I must do …

Another lady who works there was just leaving so I managed to get a ride back to Hawkeye’s motel.
they were still on chores.
But there was a vending machine here so I grabbed a coke.  Which I quickly drained.

Okay top the brewery.
And great I got a ride. The driver had a breathalyzer   thing in the car    which he had to blow   into to drive the car …!!!!
He dropped me off at the Brewery that was an old Junk yard
Wow what a place I loved the concept. There were several other hikers here so I said Hi before ordering myself a beer. OH, it tasted so good a cheeky IPA at 7.5 % well I’m still on a zero lol

Okay guys I had better go.
I had a few chores to do at Walmart   and get some rest oh and try to squeeze the contents of my floor back into my pack!!!!
As I left the Brewery the Chef was just leaving so dropped me back to y motel perfect.
Once back I treated myself toa Grampa Nap. (Well, more of a doze)

20 minutes later Hawkeye and Dr Tom arrived, I ordered them beers and we sat and chilled then we ordered hot dogs but they are not hotdogs (meatier) they tasted great. we sat there for most of the afternoon talking and drinking.

Later I visited Walmart [picked up a few things 0 I wanted a tennis ball but they do not sell so I found one in dog treats lol. On the way back I popped into a fast-food place it does chicken but I can’t remember its name. I brought chicken strips and small fries.
Once back I tried out my tennis ball and it crushed the ball. How crap I thought and the other ball was the same oh well.

I put on the Tv and ate my dinner but wasn’t as hungry as I thought. So put the rest in the fridge for breakfast.
I chilled on the bed finishing off the remainder of the beer that I had purchased in between pacing up.
I should go to sleep earlier but John Wick was on and even though I have seen it a dozen times but still  had to watch until the end


Milage     several and a bit of running


My videos can be found on YouTube search Snailtrainers Adventures 


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