DAY 29 A disappointing day

12th May

I woke early and  could hear others packing but wasn’t sure who?  When i  emerged to have a wee,The boys were ready to walk out.

I was worried about them being on the road this early, although at this time it will  probably  be quite.

I began packing up   and soon I was ready.i visuted the  toilet,  the luxury of sitting on a seat lol.

Okay i was ready

I marched out  laughing as I saw Dr Tom had left his old water bottle.

It was a cool.morning as i  walked past the lava fields,   back dropped by the cliffs to my right

I started at agood pace trying to.ignore the pain in my hip I pushed on and then decided  iwas hurting too much. Ahead sat shoes and Chameleon. Shoes was also beatup . okay reluctantly  we decided we were going to hitch 

No hiker wants to do this but pushing  on injured could  lead to getting off trail permanently. 

The third car stopped and we managed to squeeze in .he wasn’t going all the way  but we really didn’t care.

But as we drove and chatted he changed his mind and ended taking us all the way .

We were soon in Grants..he then agreed to take shoes to where ever his package I got out.

Across  the road was motel 6 fingers crossed there is a room.

I went for three nights and discounted it was $60 a night.

I found my room and collapsed on the bed.

Okay I stripped off and used the shower.once clean I began to go through my gear.

Okay now I can relax.i began working  on my WordPress blog.

Okay laundry I got some change and started laundry 

Next.  I walked to the shop got some bits and of course beer.

Dam I’ve brought two pockets of the same by mistake.

I dried my laundry Okay im hungry.

It seems like every thing is down town 2 miles away. Oh hold on there’s a taco bell across the street.i put on my shoes and headed out. I ordered two burritos  and fries. They tasted device, washed down with  cold beer result.

I spent the next few hours flicking through the numerous channels before bed.

Mileage 11


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