DAY 28 road to Grants

11th May 2022

I slept so well maybe it was  thd Mileage from yesterday.

But I am feezing.  I was just packing up when the boys walked past me.

I quickly set off after them but on the flat they have a quick pace.

The firstc water was .5 and so it wasn’t long until I arrived there.

I walked up the track past the tank. Behind it was the solar panel.  I switch it on and wTer flowed  great I topped upmy bottles  and felt quite smug.

Several hours later I came across the two boys resting under the shade of a road sign so decided to join them. . It wasnt long until Risemarry.Old bag and twerk arrived..we discussed our route then set off.

Once again the road just snaked off into the distance. 

Around  this time my hip really begun  to hurt and my pace slowed. I.pushed on but wasnt happy.  Up ahead Rosemary and Co turned to cross a field to the next water source another solar well.

I was sure I had plenty  so pushed on still hurting. I soon came to a real road  and turned right. I was hurting and put out my thumb.  Then changed  my mind and pushed on after about an hr  I took a break under a tree.It want long until all the others joined me.

We sat there for 20 minutes 

Twerk was hurting too and was debating about hitching too.


So many hikers are getting injured  mainly feet and legs as its so tough especially  all the road waking. 

Water was in 4 miles.i can do that I said as my bladder was out. 

We all set off but the boys were soon out of sight.normally I can keep up but not today.

The girls were holding back because of Twerk. 

After several hrs we arrived st the next cow tank. Cows were actually swimming in it .Nice.

But fresh water flowed from the solar well. We all topped up and rested.  The girls then arrived but no sign of Twerk.

Okay it’s four more to the picnic ground and that makes 20 miles. 

I wasn’t sure if I had 4 more miles in me. But set off after the boys.

Once again they were soon out of sight and they was alo a dust vloud ahead luckily it missed me.

The hours ticked down I really wanted to camp but there was nothing no shade no cover nothing. I pushed on  still hurting  I could see trees in the distance.  Maybe I could get there!!.

As I got nearer I noticed two bodies lying under a hedge. It was hawkeye and Dr Rob.  Good spot boys. I joined them .I have my eyes on those trees  I said.i was hoping there was a gate.

As we sat there the girls arrived.

There is the picnic area 1.1 ahead.

Picnic area can mean food and treats  so pushed my self on.

I arrived about 20 minutes after the others.

Snail no camping here.

Oh I said but there were picnic tables and drop toilets.

I walked  further in and at the second picnic tables were Shoes and Chameleon. Shoes was also injured and had his foot bandaged. 

So I put upmy tent and joined them on the bench. Hawkeye and Dr Rob  then appeared and joined us too.

May be my hip maybe sun but I felt really unwell . And quite gave me a lot of his water but it took me about an hour to feel better.

Hawkeye  and Dr Rob  cowboy camped  so did Shoes and Chameleon.   And I retired to my tent.

Mileage 20

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