DAY 26 ZERO PieTown

9th May

9th May

Omg it was bloody windy last night and then there were dogs howling and a few goats singing but I slept well.
I heard people packing up but I’m not so a lazy morning.
I got up and visited the loo then to the house ,there were people milling around some trying to leave others chilling.
I grabbed a coffee and sat on the porch. I saw a free power outlet so plugged in my block. 
I then began to catch up on my videos. I had a lot to edit but once done I can upload when I get to grants As I was editing Shoes and Co arrived they  stealth camped last night (I wasn’t brave enough)
Okay post office I should have 1 parcel packet. I set off up the road. It wasnt far and i soon was here. I said hi and handed over my ID.

The lady found my packet, i then grabbed a box to take  back. 
Once back I dropped the stuff in my tent. Okay boxes I had two at the hiker house. A food box and Shoes.
The food box I decided to bounce as I still had far too much food.
Once that was sorted Nita dropped me to the post office then to the café. When I walked in the usual  suspects where here the girls and Shoes and Co.
I sat at the table with Shoes and Chameleon. I ordered blueberry pie followed by a breakfast burrito. 
The pie was amazing and so was the burrito. 

After I was full I headed back to the Toaster House.  
I grabbed a beer and then continued with my editing .Later Hawkeye  and Dr Tom arrived. 

We caught up on our disastrous day and who had the better day lol.
I think I was just lucky .
Later Nita  arrived and she’d if anyone fancied going out for a slab of meat.  We’ll said yes.
I had a great day with editing so I was a caught up.
So spent the rest of the day chilling on the porch drinking beer.
At 6.30 Nita arrived and we jumped into the car
On the way to the steak House Nita gave a great  tour about the town etc etc.
Once at the restaurant  we grabbed seats ordered beer and then our steaks I had the Rib Eye not sure how big 18,ozs +/- oh it was so tender mmmm and I woofed the lot.

We popped into the shop next door as we were asked to bring back beer and a few other things then headed home. On the way back Nita showed is the huge radio telescope. It was here where they filmed Contact with Jodie Foster. 

At last we were back there were still plenty of hikers sat on the deck chatting and drinking.
We dropped the beer on the table but I was done and very full so headed to my tent.
Omg all this food ,so spent 10 minutes  trying to sort it all out before getting into my bed.

Mileage zero.


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