DAY 25 Heading to Pie Town

8th May.2022

Not sure what happened but I over slept or maybe I switched it off Instead of snoozing .
At 6am I stripped down made a cupa as I packed up. As I was packing up Marmot came by the lady I scared yesterday.

I was on trail by 6.30. It was a cool morning thank god, I decided that I didn’t need my outer shirt.
My early pace was good and I soon caught Marmot but was sure to call out first.
I walked with her for a while and enjoyed her company, finding out about her hike and reasons for doing it. 
Okay I need more miles so wished her well and strolled off.  I had a good pace and it wasn’t long until I arrived at the Davila Ranch.
As I made my way in OMG sat eating were Shoes, Chameleon and Blackout. Just leaving were the two  girls  “Fast food and Dollar General”  they asked for copies of them at the hot springs. 

Snail your first in line for the shower. I walked in and took off most of my clothes and stuck them in the washing machine. 
I asked the gang had they seen Hawkeye  or Dr Tom?
They are behind you snail!
No way they can’t be …Can they ?
I headed to the shower. Omg this was a great shower powerful and hot a rare combination.
So I’m clean. I wasn’t really hungry but the food the gang was eating looked so good I decided to make some myself. Potato, onions eggs and beans yummy.

It’s all free, well for a donation. 
I started cooking and oh my it was so good 
 At last the washing  was done so I next the dryer.  While waiting I starting charging my gear
Omg I could have sat here all day.
MARMOT arrived and decided to boil some eggs ..Nice.
As I had service I was able to order a new bag and a Steripen,  great that was a result they will be at Grants.
Okay I need to leave, Just as I was packing up the owner arrived what an amazing  bloke. So chilled and laid back.
I left fully watered up as I was  planning to camp just outside town
I set off down the road with great pace that’s what a good dinner will do.
I was cruising and miles falling but as the hours ticked by the speed dropped.
I have to say the 13 miles from the ranch to Pie Town didn’t seem that friendly as virtually every 200 yards were no trespassing. Go away, bugger off signs

Mmm..very freindly

At 4.30 I was running out if steam and still lugging far too much water. I stopped for a break and poured 2 litres away. Well I wasn’t camping along this road do didn’t need it.

At last I was entering  Pie Town. Phew now where is the toaster house. A man pointed the way.. at last I’m here I walked in the back and saw Ducky.
what’s the score Ducky I asked. 
Just throw up your tent.
I soon had it up ,then went to the porch about a dozen hikers were here and so many friendly faces. 
The girls were here and shoved a beer in my hand perfect. At the back of the hostel were  dozens of shoes tied to the  wall.
Some are hikers who give up and leave there shoes others are where hikers swap out their first pair.
I have a new pair waiting for me at the post office hopefully.


I joined in with my fellow hiker trash. Chatting laughing and drinking. But I was tired and soon bed was calling. 

Mileage 17


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