Day 20 Gila and busy Beavers

May 3rd

The alarm went off at 4.45 I snoozed  it then switched it off.

The second alarm went off at 5.30 and I reluctantly  pulled the stopper on my bed.i put on a brew and slowly packed up. 

I hit the trail  at 6.30. As I moved up.the trail I passed the 2 french boys . Followed by a cowboy camper and I  the background I think bandaids tent.

I pushed on  splashing through numerous  river crossings at 10.30 I stopped to remove  the gravel. It’s amazing how it gets onto your shoes.. I pushed on  several river crossings were on bed rock and these were so slippery.  I almost shuffled across,although they were not deep I still didn’t want to fall in

1pm okay lunch. Perfect a rock.

I walked over and dropped my pack.then walked backnto the river to get water to filter.

Once done I sat eating lunch.then bandaid apeared. We chatted  then she was gone. As she wanted another 10 miles

I finished lunch  then time to walk I would love 10 miles but  that’s hopeful. 

Not far up the trail  I came to a small flight of  rapids. I climbed above them then sat there for several minutes.

Come on snail miles to do,I pushed on up the trail .Beavers there was a large dam across the river, I find these creatures fascinating  and sat and stared at the dam for several minutes scanning the chomped down trees.  Don’t know why but this makes me smile.

BUT!  bevers making dams  means the water is much deeper bad bad beavers lol.

So a good dunking  brrr. I pushed on but the sun was baking  today at 3pm I ran out of omph.

I found a tree and took a 30 minute nap.

I really needed  that and took off again can I get to 6pm?

At 5.30 I watered up  and washed out my shoes.

As I got to a cross roads (Dirt track) I noticed a camp with beautiful horses and tents.maybe an adventure or ?? I didn’t like to ask.

Okay 6pm a flat spot, that will do.

I soon had my tent up and time to relax

Milage 17


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