Day 19 leaving Doc Cambells + Gila cliff dwellings

May 2nd

I woke  early and dozzed.  I didn’t have to rush as the Cave Dwellings  did not open until  8.30.

I eventually packed up and took my pack to the  shelter.god it was heavy.can I carry this !!.

I put on a brew.that will make every thing okay.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see the caves  or put in miles. The caves won.i hoised up my pack  omg. 

And set off down the tarmac (pavement in the usa).it was 7am and it was already heating up.

It  was 4 miles. But I had misread and so went to visitors centre 

I liked the exhibition  and I filled my bottles with  fresh cold water.

Okay so now I have to walk back the way I came then a miles to the caves.

At last I came  to  caves. I was met  by the ranger.she briefed me on the site. Said I should take water snd sun screen and told me where to leave my pack.

As I crossed  the bridge  I met  Shoes and Co coming back across the bridge..

the path snakes around crossing numerous bridges climbing ever higher. Every now and then  I got a glimpse  wow.

And to think these people built all of this with simple hand tools maybe bone or sharp stones..

At last i was here.omg its amazing.

I made my way through the labyrinth  of rooms imaging how they lived. I found it amazing.

Okay time to go down.

Once down I topped up with water before hoisting mypack and strolling out.

Well that was well worth the visit.

Again I headed back the way I came until I got to the trail head.

There were guys doing maintenance  on the start.but they waved me on.

Of course the trail starts climbing and the temp is 97    and it climbs and climbs  and climbs and it’s roasting. Then I’m on a very steep part and no where to stop. I’m puffing and panting   at last I’m at the top and I  collapse in a heap.

I’m just getting my breath back when bandaid appears  she joins me on my we sit here several more hikers arrive and depart .followed by bandaid.

I need a little more time  before I set off after them.

The trail spiraled down and then I was in a river bed. And sand. I hate sand. Its sand…….

As I followed it down it began to get damp and then a stream.. 

Then I turned a corner and wow  I was now in an amazing canyon.

Breath taking in places wow..

It was time to stop and sat with 2 girl hikers doing their first thruhike.  Impressed.

Afterlunch  my first river crossing and with big fish. Milage was a little slow as I had to  keep stopping to stare  at the scenery as it was breathtaking. 

Okay snail come on or it will be bed time. I put my head down and pushed several hrs later I came to Jordan Hotsprings,I decided to take a peek. Once there  the two girls where here. I stripped to my boxers and joined them.

The pools were so clear and so warm.  Oh my could have stayed here all day.several other hikers joined us but after 40 minutes  I needed to move.. as it was now 4pm.

As I moved on I passed numerous campsites  but far too early.dam lol.

As I crossedthe river at 6.30 I watered upthen began looking for a campspot.

Perfect and with a great view.

I quickly put up my tent then took off my shoes and put on my camp shoes. Then I took my shoes and socks and washed then in the river. 

Okay dinner.

Miles 7

Videos on YouTube  Snailtrainers Adventures 

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