DAY 18 Heading to Doc Cambells

May 1st 2022

My Alarm went off ,I snoozed it well I couldn’t do the trail in daylight so would not  have a chance in the morning dark. I eventually let down my pad at 6am and was on trail by 6.30,My colleague  from  yesterday was just heading  out.

I headed out after him but he was fast so eould probably  see him  later at the  store. 

The good thing about him going ahead was I was able to see  his water crossings and the direction  he took.

As it was early  I was dreading my first water crossing,luckily  it wasn’t that deep.

The trail weaved in and out and back and fourth across the Hila followed by several long stretches.

the morning was going well,I had 2 litres of filtered water that should get me to Doc Cambells  okay. By 9am  I think I had crosed the river about 20 times, so needed to stop to remove the gravel from my shoes,and there was the perfect  logo sitdown on.

I removed my shoes  and socks,shook out  both then replaced them.

I was able to still  follow  the other hiker.opps spoke too soon . Mystery trail time. Although have since learnt their appears to be trails on both sides of the river.

After the next crossing all trails seem to merge and I’m on the “ONE” trail again  phew lol.

I had a small climb and wow  what a view! The scenery on this section was just amazing. I stood here for several minutes  just gazing.

I pushed  on  and soon came to a large bridge. Here Guthooks got a bit confused which bloody was,eventually  i was pointed in the right direction and set off down the road.Omg the road radiated  the heat and it was hot.

As I passed the hotsprings I knew I wasn’t far away and yes in the distance was the store thank god!.

I’m here whoop omg omg

I can’t believe  it

Sat outside on a bench was  Rocks, Michelle, Hawkeye and Dr Rob.

I thought that they would be miles away  so I wasa little overwhelmed.  So great to see them all.

Sadly Michelle has had enough and is quiting which is sad. 

I went Inside grabbed a gatoraid and a tub of vanilla ice cream. They make it on site  and oh my it was delicious. So good I had to get a second. After I got my Resupply box and sat outside  trying to fit all the contents into my pack.

Mid morning  we heard that a  stage of  a  cycle race was coming  through the town.

We were alerted the sound of a police siren. Shortly followed by the  support motorcycles ,then the leaders a  group of about 10 bikes. 5 mins later the main group

Followed by all the support cars and ambulance .After about 10 minutes  the stragglers  came by.

They did a loop by the Gila cave dwellings then came back through. Quite exciting to watch !.

Okay 1 more tub of ice cream.then it was across the road to the RV park to camp.

I followed  Ducky across., beneath a tree was shoes ,Chameleon  and Calvin all cowboy camping (there is a bet)

Just as I started putting tent the end got up so I gave up until the wind died.

Once the tent was upi went and had a great shower.oh it was a great shower. 

Okay dinner, before leaving the store I brought Rissoto  and chicken backpackers Pantry. Its a freeze dried meal. Bloody tasty.

Okay bed 

Mileage 7

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