DAY 17 The Gila

30th April 2022

My alarm went off at 4.45 I silenced it. Waking up at 6.30 Instead. I striped down and was on tra by 7am I hope this late start first bite me..

Okay snail just a mile to te river and water. 

But OMG. the trail was crap.  Very steep and covered in small rocks that want to through you to the ground . Down and down I went cursing for most of the way. 

I am do glad I didn’t get up early and try to fo this in the dark.  I would be in hospital right now.

Down and last I got to  river but that decent  took me an I know I walk slow . But the sign at the top of the hill said 2 miles and I camped at .9 

Oh well maybe it was measured as the crow flies!!!

Once at the river I filter several bottles  and topped up my bladder. Okay snail let’s go cross some rivers.

I made my way along thectrail until I met the Gila.  I was a but nervous at first. But was soon across safely  several more yards and I crossed again. Little dance through the trees  and I crossed again then a long sandy walk  and I crossed again.  Then went on for the first hour until at a un marked crossing I checked my app.


I was miles off trail but had been following the cairns. But I was on a different trail and I had been off trail for a while. Fuck fuck. I turned around and went back the way I came uncrosing the numerous river crossings. 

At last I found the correct trail.  Over grown  but  just visible. 

So I began again again wasted miles and a late start . I have to say this trail is incredible . The views  amazing and the trees were alive with birds singing. 

But trying to follow thectrail was a nightmare.  I was on the  right back when I should have been on the left or visa versa. Once you found the trail it was great  and then other trails seemed to join it.

The problems aoeared at water crossings  there were do many paths which was the right one 

I lost count with the river crossings as they  were constant. 

Some time the trail was a nice  trail to follow. Then itvwas pebbles then a mystery.

But the surrounding landscape was just incredible. It was simply WOW….. . I started late.struggled down a hill took the wrong running and hiked miles the wrong way so it was time for a break.. okay onwards I was just leaving when sputnik  came by he was heading outvto trail the day I headed out from Lordsburg. God he must be fast and i am so slow 

I watched him sped off in the distance.this helped we see which way the trail goes. 

But it was annoying.i didn’t mind the water crossings  but findvthe trail was a pain. After another hr I was knackered. I think the mental thinking of finding the trail   had taken its toll.i found a big tree  with lots of shade and took a nap. 

I slept for about 30 minutes and I have to say I woke refreshed.

I attacked the trail again but it was so littered thst I couldnt get any pace and as soon as you  did it was a water crossing.i pushed on until I came to a large shallow stretch.   It was 4 pm 10 more miles to Doc Cambels I wanted to camp short and go in in the morning.

I took a break took off my shoes and socks  which were both filled with  gravel. I took them to the river washed out my socks then washed out my shoes. I put my shoes and socks on a log to dry while I filtered water.

Another hiker appeared he is Irish but  lives in Stratford on Avon not far. We chatted for ages

I decided to load up with water now. Then walk until 6+/- and camp as I was tired the water crossings .they are fun but require  a lot of concentration and I was getting tired

So I told him 6pm will do me.

Yeah I’ll do the same he said.

We set off together but he was much faster than me so was soon out of sight.

But it was helpful as when I crossed a river I could see his wet foot marks making it  easier to follow.  I guess  I must have crossed the river 40+ times.

And I was begining to tire as I chugged up the next bank I could see his tent.

More room here Snailtrainer. 

I didn’t require any more encouragement. 

I dropped my pack and threw  up my tent. 

We ate dinner together while discussing old trails then off to bed.

Mileage  14*

Mileage if iffy as being on N alternative trail Guthooks does not calculate properly.

My CDT videos can be found by searching Snailtrainers Adventures on YouTube.

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