DAY 14 Nero and Chores

So great to wake up in  great bed.

I woke at 7 doozed until 7.30 then went down for breakfast. 

As I left my room I bumped into rocks +1 They were heading out today. Via walnut alternative  which is what I will take.

I sat with another hiker while  I devoured a waffle loaded with syrup & butter. Downed a few orange  juices  and a great tasting cup of coffee.

Once back into my room had a email from my credit card company Card was blocked so hopefully now working  fingers crossed.

Okay chores.i took my pack downstairs and put it safely away.then I headed to find laundry..

It was fairly easy to find and opposite the post office .i went inside to checknthe prices.they had a change machine but i onky had a $20 and didnt want $20 in quaters . So i went to the post office .I picked up my package and brought some stamps to give me change

As I was waiting hawkeye and Kevin  walked in wow great to see you guys .we did the small talk then I headed back to the laundrette

Back to the laundrette I changed a $5  into quarters  and began my wash. the dry didnt take long so was soon out

Next stop hike & ,bike for gas. As I’m walking up the road I notice  hawkeye  and  Captin Bob ( was Kevin) having lunch. I will call in here on the way back.

Okay hike & Bike.picked up gas and 2 pairs of socks.i have the Gila coming pronounced  Hee-luh

And there will be numerous water crossings  so  hope my feet can survive !!.Next the gear store. I wanted to get a set of inner soles. I love wearing #Solomon’s  but  have found in the past when they get wet  the inner sole can wrinkle and once that happens they never go flat and become a pain to walk on .

Also they do sock exchange so I swapped out my  dead socks for fresh new ones . Result.

Next job provisions.  I don’t need much .so off to family Basket  about 5mins  away brilliant all good .LUNCH

I stopped  at the place where hawkeye  was eating. I had loaded fries that was huge  so needed two beers to wash it down.

I ended up chatting to a couple they were unaware of the CDT but were fascinated. Oh fed and water I went back hotel to do NOTHING.

Miles zero

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