DAY 10 100 MILES

April 23rd 2022

The alarm went off at 4.30. I silenced it but then woke in a panic at 6 am, it was a cold morning as I undid the stopper from my airbed. I seemed to be getting ready in slow motion, eventually I was l packed by 6.45 and on trail.
I noticed another hiker in front of me, but he was soon out of sight, I tried to push on but nothing seemed to be working this morning, I blamed it on the cold.
I shuffled on down the trail , annoyingly the sun was in my eyes so couldn’t really see where I was going. But the trail was really nice , maybe I should have gone on last night I muttered to my self. 
In the distance I could see a farm house but as I got nearer the trail took a tight right and started to climb my eyes still squinting into the sun.
Then, there it was there marked with rocks in the sand.100 miles 
Whoop I known its only one of many  but  it does lift the spirits. 

I pushed on climbing, climbing at once the scenery began to change. Trees appeared with shade  something I had really missed. I wanted to stand under each and every one of them, but miles need to be walked.
I kept on following the trail through numerous gates and sandy tracks, at 9am I decided to take a break. Scoffed a packet of spam, some prunes and a packet of gummi  bears. It seemed to give me the pick up I needed my legs now appeared to be working and then a trail appeared ,a proper winding trail wow at last. I sped up ,relishing this new trail or how I think the trail should be.
The straights were great  but they downs were scary as they were covered with marble like rocks that want to throw me to the ground.
After the decent I was in woodland with the amazing smells of cedar that I really love. The trail meandered on its way although I was struggling with the climbs but excelled on the straights. After  several hours of this I emerged at a trailhead. By the trail was a rock with a message from a trail angel with water. wow. I sat there for a minutes then she appeared in her white van. 

We introduced each other. Go sit down there snail grab a soda and chill.
I did as I was told , she was nipping to trail days but would be back. I topped up my water then opened a can of lemonade. OMG the taste. I could have drunk more but this was great .I chilled for a few more minutes before crushing my can and heading out. 4.4miles to the next water, but my far out app (guthooks) was misbehaving it would tell me the mileage but nothing more so really really useful. Maybe it needs reinstalling but out in the wilds not a chance. Fuck …
I headed on water 4.4 miles I can do that as the trail was being kind but I was still tired. I’m always tired. I pushed on climbing and descending then climbing again, at last I came to the road and headed left.
At last I could see it as I got closer I noticed two hikers there, To my amazement it was Dr Tom and Hawkeye.  OMG. I didn’t think I’d see you two again 
We caught up on gossip before they headed out as they had been there a while. 
I dropped my pack and had a long lunch before topping up on water from the cow trough. Yummy.
The boys were going to do a few more miles to get into the resort tomorrow. Okay I’ll try and match that. But after lunch I was sluggish and my pace was a plod but the miles were falling. I wanted to get to mile 115. 
I pushed and pushed arriving at another park and there was a cache of water. I loaded up then carried on typically the trail winded up a very steep hill and now where to put a tent . I had ,had enough when I noticed a hiker behind the rock was shoes etc. They were cowboy camping so after tea oh well ill give it a go .


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