DAY 9 leaving Lordsburg

I don’t think I really sleeped. Maybe the odd doze but was awake at 3.30 at 4 I got up for a wee and started to pack up. 

I wasn’t too sure how cold it was outside do i need another layer ?

Finally I marched out into the cool morning air. As I passed reception two othe hikers were discussing the shuttle and they were both wrong. I’m heading out I said  shall I show you  where it is ?

We walked and talked this fellow hiker had attempted it before but failed at  Ghost ranch so was out to try again
I left him at the post office and carried on annoyed there was no signage to the trail. Woof woof woof bloody dog jumped at the fence scaring the crap out of me. Bloody he’ll i exclaimed and carried on walking. As I walked by the  busy freight yard the engines were waking up as there was the sound of engines humming and the smell of diesel  hung in the air .I walked down under the bridge and began the fun 3 hour road walk. back to trail

In places it was sketchy.  As the path disappeared. And the toad began to get busier

Several hours later and I should almost be here. 

Standing at the fence were my two partners in crime . Kevin and Hawkeye. Hi guys good to see you.
Now you would have thought the start of this trail would  have been well marked.  But no. An orange disc on the wired fence was it , No cdt badge or logo in sight.. very poor
I pushed my bag under the fence then wriggled under. Okay now where is the trail ? Nothing.
We all set off across the field  like we were combing for evidence which i though funny and made me laugh. Kevin got out his GPS ,We are on trail… really.

We marched across, still not a sign in sight.  After an hour I heard voices  it was shoes, Ducky, Blackout and chameleon
They called us over to were a gate stood. Once together we set off as  snake searching  for  signs., eventually they began to appear and we began to up our pace until it was time to stop for a break. 
Once back on trail we were still keeping up a good pace maybe a little fast for me but I was hanging on until the next break.
The four moved off and once again seemed to up their pace , much better than us old guys, Blink and they were out of sight.
Once again I began to play hunt the sign as well playing leapfrog with Kevin and Hawkeye .
We were all going well until we realised that we were off trail and by a lot. Its so easy with the numerous cow paths to head off into nowhere . We bushwhacked back to where we thought it was . Hurrah and then stuck to for most of the morning.
The sun had now began to heat up so I began look for shade. .there that will do me, Kevin and Hawkeye spotted another bush to hide under .
I took off my shoes and socks and began to relax. i guess i must have dozed off as it was soon 4.30
a few rude words were said as i emerged for my green canopy. Bugger should have left ages ago
As I pushed on as the wind grew more fierce and in the distance behind me i saw Lordsburg vanish in a cloud of dust as the sandstorm hit. The whole town had vanished .

I plodded on i was tired even though i had slept for several hours under my tree. The wind was now pulling and pushing me in all the wrong directions. As i passed another dip i noticed the remains of a cow poor thing its brutal out here. I was getting near to the well but then terrain turned to sand which is rubbish to walk on and saps the rest of my strength. Please go away sand as when your tired this is not what you want. At last I could see the tower of the old windmill. Whoop I said to myself.
When i arrived it was deserted as all my hikers chums probably left several hours ago
I surveyed the green water topped with an array of insects. Yummy. I filled my empty water bottles and then began to filter the water. .i couldn’t make up my mind what to do. i should have cooked here and hiked on but i couldn’t make up my mind. I decided to walk 20 mins and then camp , but as soon as i tried to put up my tent then the wind arrived with different ideas.

At last it died down enought to pitch it, but as I crawled inside I had doubts. I should have gone on
Oh well there is always tomorrow but I’m annoyed I don’t yet seem to be able to push the miles arrh .

Mileage 9

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