DAY 7 Lordsburg

April 20th

I slept really well, waking at 6.30. I leisurely  packed up knowing I would soon be in town.
Wow there were still several more hills climb. Come on body wake up.
At last I got into my stride and after an hour I could see Lordsburg hurrah. 
It took almost another hour until I arrived at the  trailhead,
I exited out onto the road and began to walk to town .
It was nice to see that almost every car that passed waved.
At last I could see the Ecolodge,  I walked in and asked if I could  leave my pack as check in is 3pm.
Okay Kranberries. I crossed over the road and went in. I could see Hawkeye & Kevin so joined them.
I asked for a glass of ice water and a orange juice.
I quickly drained both and got refilled before ordering eggs bacon and hash browns.

Real ,food so tasty. I did several more rounds of  orange juice and iced water before  paying the bill.
“Nature” joined us she started the same day  but  had  come down with pneumonia  and had to be  pulled out. She’s currently recovering here. Hopes to be back on trail shortly.
I walked back to the hotel and there were a dozen hikers in the lobby. Rocks was there and handed me a beer also Ducky, shoes and several others.
I sat here running down the clock when 2 other hikers appeared who I had met earlier. 
They invited me to join them for lunch.
I had nachos and very hot salsa tasty .followed by a strawberry milk shake that was divine.
4 others hikers joined us a German couple and a Czech couple, her name was Master chef and her man.
The other hiker ordered a steak sandwich but he could only eat half after grazing on the salad bar and so offered it to me. Omg  so tender and tasty. 

At last i could get into my room , Once in I jumped into the shower which felt oh so good.
I then exploded my pack. I need to dump a few things and sort though what I need.
So now time to catch up with this and will take a zero tomorrow 

Night all 

Milage 5.1

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