April 18th 2022
The guys had decided to wake at 5 am to be on trail by 6 ,that’s seems a good idea I will do the same.
I had tried to keep my tent tidy so as soon as the alarm went off I was ready and probably did my fastest  pack. I was ready and headed out, see you guys up trail I said and marched out.
I like this early start and was soon crushing miles, It was 7miles to the next water and the miles appeared to be flying by. This is going well, as I hiked on the landscape continued to change and with the sun not quite up yet I was happy.
I pushed on until I began to tire as the heat intensified. A TREE, I made my way over and dropped my pack , I was dozing when Dr Tom and Hawkeye appeared.
Room for two more they asked.?
We sat here for about an hour, discussing the trail ahead, water was in another 7 miles a cattle trough!, but then there was shade at around 2 miles.
We eventually set off but after another hour i was on fire, I noticed a culvert and l went for shade
I seem to require more time to recover than my two friends so continued to sit in the shade as they headed off for the tree and more shade.  It was just too hot for me so I stayed put for another 3 hrs.
( again possibly too long ) , But the miles need to be walked, at six I got ready and decided to try and fix my umbrella to my pack, Yes success. 

Proud I walked out and in the wrong directions. FUCK Fuck.
I back tracked and headed the right way, eventually reaching the shade tree. As i approached it i came upon numerous hikers leaving. I recognised Rocks who I had met before.
She said her and about a dozen others had been sheltering at this tree since 12. This seems the way to do this trail, I set off after them but just didn’t have the pace.
The trail began to cross several meadows through lots of tall grass, as I was nearing the end of one  I heard the unmistakable sound of a rattle snake OMG. I edged around the sound unable to see the snake.
I crossed several more of these  meadows when I heard the second rattle I had, had enough.
At the edge of the field was a a fenced area.  Yup that will do me I dropped my pack and set up.
I had enough water to get to the cattle trough in the morning and enough to make a cup of tea.
I put on my brew looking forward to a warm drink, I tidied  up and began to get into bed then knocked over my tea.

Why  …..

Mileage 15


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