DAY 4 Pushing on

April 17th 2022

I slept well at the tree apart from the moon being so bright I need some eye pads lol.
I was awake around four but I haven’t mastered the quick get away yet.
I was eventually back on trail by 7.30, It was about 5 miles to the water tank. I started off well and it didn’t seem long until I arrived in the distance was Dr Tom and Hawkeye.
I pushed on with a lovely breeze which was so welcome , but as the trail began to climb and my engine began to struggle.
In the distance I could see a tree and on this trail  shade is what you desire, as I approached i could see Dr Tom and Hawkeye. 

Hey guys great to see you both again
I sat  for 30 min before heading  back out into the sun which now was baking , it’s just relentless.
It was several hours later that the next cache appeared, I found some shade and crashed, from this spot you can ring the local shop and they will pick you up and take you to Hiawassee for a cold soda and more….
But no, I pushed on trying to get to the next water container, after another hour I had to crash again as this heat is just a killer, It just wipes me out. I took 30 mins before pushing on but I was beginning to struggle. I really wanted to stop and throw up my tent but I cant as I would cook alive. 
Eventually I could see a number of GREEN trees, could that be it? But ahead I could see the boys continuing on. F*ck I said to no-one  and set off after them although my feet felt like lead.

I really had, had enough but then I could see something shinny ahead, Its the water tower, whoop.
It was up hill and the sun roasting, as I got nearer there appeared a stream of water flowing from the top of the tower . .Normally you have to climb a shaky ladder to get water from the top hatch but today it was flowing out from the overflow
“Stick your head under snail” said Hawkeye.
I did as I was told, wow fantastic, I stripped off washed my stinky shirt and socks then hung them on a fence to dry. I found a spot to camp although it was still too hot to put it up .
We all sat around in the  shade before putting up our tents. I cooked dinner but could only eat half as my hiker hunger is yet to kick in ,but my cup of tea  certainly hit the spot . 

Night all 15 miles most so far but I’m destroyed 

Mileage 15


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