DAY 3 More brutality

April 16th 2022

I was up fairly early and soon packed. Okay snail to the water source.
I headed off thinking I could cut across and join the trail MISTAKE no 3 ..I ended up walking into a figure of 8 and getting my legs slashed up again.
At last I found the trail and pushed on I had probably lost an hour maybe more, why didn’t I just walk down the road. At last the next water cache came into view, I quickly dropped my pack, signed the register and began to top up my water.

Water Cache

Once done I set out again and into the brutal furnace of this section, I pushed on until 4pm arrived ,today have not been able to get any pace as my hip is hurting  which is annoying.
It was at least 6.5 miles to the next cache and i was struggling, and my water was getting  low. I began to get doubts of my abilities.  I have completed 2 thru hikes but I’m struggling with this part of the cdt.
The temperatures are up in the 100’s and its only 4 pm . At last some shade appeared so I dropped my pack and hid from the sun. No way can I do 6 more miles so I think I will camp and try to get there early in the morning.

My Hiding spot

I sat there feeling sorry for myself until a Sobo came by.
He told me that there was a cache under a tree in 3 miles, Perhaps wait a few hours and  you could make that” he said.
Yes I can do that , so around 6pm I headed out, It was still hot  but there was  at least some shade , i plodded on until at last in the distance I could see a tree.
Come on snail you have got this .
At last  i was here and beneath the tree sat 6 water containers  2 were still full whoop. I quickly threw up my tent, put on a brew and then cooked dinner. It was getting dark as I crawled into my bed.
Okay, so to hike this section you need to get up early go as far as you can before you melt, find shelter, Stay there eat dinner hike out around

That seemed to be a tough day hopefully my days are going to get better

Mileage 14


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