DAY 2 into hell

woke at 5am and stripped down stepping on trail by 7am but i need to get slicker at packing up.

The morning was delightfully cool and the trail really nice to walk on.
The sun was coming up but I was able to walk in the shade. I soon came to an amazing  tree if I hadn’t had my silly diversion I could have got here .grrr.

As I went around the next corner I ran into my first cow. Almost surreal.  Well it made me laugh.

At last the cache came into view.
I quickly dropped my pack, signed the register and began to top up my bottles .I put  in some Nunn another type of electrolyte.  I headed out with another 5 L. I took the road as the shuttle drivers had suggested as this part of the trail is in need of some attention !!.
Another hiker I met heading south was carrying 6 Litres and another hiker named CC was carrying 7 Litres wow that’s heavy.
It was 10.30 and already HOT,I was making good  pace until then I hit the wall. I needed shelter, luckily I spotted a place and dove in, putting down my Tyvek and hiding from the sun.  I stayed here for 30 minutes until the sun stole began to steal my shade .As I packed up to leave disaster. I must have put my pack on my bite valve as my bladder was empty OMG. FUCK FUCK.
I heard a engine  luckily it was Tom on his way back .I flagged him down and he was able to give me 2 litres, Phew although there water was in 4 miles. 
As I pushed on down the road it was still roasting, my feet felt like they were cooking from the heat of the ground so needed to stop to let them cool. The two guys I started with then appeared Hawkeye and Kevin. I shadowed  them for several miles as they appeared to have similar pace to me .This is Kevin’s first  attempt at a thruhike so I’m impressed. When another shuttle driver passed  I asked about water. ITs about 1.8  to well water and  4 to the cache.
Okay well water will do as I approached the cows  sped off in all directions. The water was a large tank fed by a solar pump , inside the tank was thick hose that was flowing great water.

I had had enough for today so thought I’d put up my tent. MISTAKE. it’s just far too hot.

So I joined my fellow hikers under the tree. They had  their feet  soaking in the cattle  trough so I did the same omg Joy..
After a while they left to crush a few more miles and in hindsight I should have done the same!.
But no , I sat by the tank under the shade but I was still too hot and so began to get annoyed  with myself. I am learning lessons  here, and quickly.
Once it was cool enough I went straight to bed. Im not really on any shedule yet but i need to be doing bigger miles .

mileage 12  oh dear!

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