Day one First steps

I was awake a 4.30 excited and nervous. I packed up my bag. It groaned under the weight but I was fairly confident.
Okay time to go to the pick up point which was near to the post office. So I new it well.
It was fairly cold so I put on my puffy and made my way down and onto the street. It wasn’t long until I was there. I gave my name then went inside to wait. A guy called Tim sold me some gas so i was good .then another guy wrapped my pack in a bin liner to protect it from the dust.!!
We were on our way 12 hikers were being taken out. It was several hrs to get to the start. Every now and then they would stop to show us the water cache location.
At last the monument came into sight…wow

We had our pictures taken followed by group picture.
Time to go first steps I was heading out hauling 5 litres of water.(just in case)
The trail started flat and i was enjoying my first strps on the CDT. But then it began to get hotter and hotter and my pace fell to a plod.
I decided that I needed a break then another hour i needed another i took about an hour hiding from the sun
They trail now followed old water beds full of sand which is fun to walk on. The trail markers where really sparse. And i missed one and carried up the canyon for an hour before realising something is not right.
Guthooks was not helping. So I tried to bushwhack but every plant here wan to to hurt you so with dozens of gashes I still was nowhere near the trail. So sadly I turned around and walked back the way I had came until , dam there’s the bloody trail marker.
By now had lost time and miles and was drastically short of water and it was 5 miles to the next cache. I couldn’t do that in this heat and I was spent. but it was still too hot to put up my tent so found some shade until it was cool enough to put up my tent and so to bed

Mileage 9.6 poor first day

One thought on “Day one First steps

  1. Hang in there, but remember the trail markers are indeed sparse on the CDT and hard to find so keep a watch for them. So sorry you got off trail a bit. You can do this!

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