Getting to Lordsburg

What a day Monday was.  I had my covid test booked at 9am so was up early.. the drive to the center was quicker than I expected

Due to it being half term. I enter  the testing g Centre,sat  down and was imeadity  swabbed by the nurse. I was done Nd now for the waiting.i nipped into town for a haircut before heading home.

But  I was  just  feeling a little  stressed. My result were due  before midnight and if I failed  there was no plan B..

I tried to make myself busy.  Took the bottles to the bottle bank.

Cut the grass, cleaned out the chickens,hoovered the lounge again. 

The wait was killing……

I arranged for several of my friends  to have  one last  beer at mine.

That was nice and helped take my mind off the dreaded test..

My friends left at 10 . So I checked my email one more time.Oh my god  my results are in and im good to go.

Time for bed  as my taxi  is due at 5 am

My alarm screemed get up.i we t down  stairs and flicked on the kettle. It was quite too quite as my dog is on holiday with my son.

There was a kock on the door…

My Taxi  was here. The driver  grabbed my  bags and I was on my way.I was leaving an hr earlier as there had been chaos  at the airports with some people missing their flights.

As we appproached the airport it did look calm.

Thak God I though..I paid the driver and made my way to Check  in.

Amazingly  there was no queue. As it did take a while to go through all the paperwork.  .

I walked though the lounge and found a Comfy  seat  lol and began my wait. The time seemed to go quickly and soo  I was boarding. 

I found my seat  and settled  in. But no one joined me so three seats to myself.  Result.

I caught up on two films  before my eyes  gave up.iwoke several hrs later to tackle my lunch. Much easier with the extra seats .

Okay more films to watch before landing.

Have to say border control seemed a breeze.I grabbed my pack  then  walked around the corner then rebooked it in,before heading to the gate of my next plane ..

Not sure what happened there but I  just missed my flight.  On the way to the gate A12  they changed it to A5. Luckily I’ve been able to get another  fingers crossed.

My flight to Tuscon was on time and allowed me to catch upon sleep.  Hopefully my bag will be safe. I found the baggage reclaim. Told the lady my name

 and my bag appeared  phew.

Ok greyhound next.but i needed a taxi.

Once at the greyhound  station I booked my ticket  and waited. I must admit i was not looking forward for another 3 hrs traveling .

The bus pulled in and it was rammed but imanaged tofind a seat. This bus is amazing its  been almost driving all day and was  finishing in Texas,wow. I managed to get some sleep but was worried in case I missed my stop. 

At 11.30 it pulled into Lordsburg. Okay which way. I’m sure it’s this way and headed towards the motor way. Once there I could see other motels that I had recognised.almost there.

I checked in. Dumped my gear stepped into the shower .then straight to bed.

Night all



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