Anxiety Meets Excitement

I am sat, staring at my pack as my flight  gets nearer and nearer
I fly out on the 12 April 2022; this will be my third thru hike and the completion will give me bragging rights of a triple crowner after completing the Pct. and AT and finally the CDT.
I was ready to go in 2020, but then covid came, and in 2021 America was not allowing us foreigners to enter. Its now 2022 and I am counting down the days.

Right now, my stomach is in knots. My chest feels heavy with excitement and anxiety.
I must get a covid test before I can fly, I have managed to avoid the dreaded thing up to now but It still leaves thoughts of dread as anything goes wrong and I cannot fly so fingers crossed.
So I am still wearing a mask wherever I go, as I would be devastated to fall at the last hurdle.

Worries and anxiety

I have concerns with my hips, they have been fine but now the clock is ticking down, my right hip is giving me cause for concern, I Have seen a physio with no improvement so plan to see another as soon as possible.
I also worry about getting injured, so plan to start slow, so will build my endurance and strength slowly as its not race. Hopefully, the feet will behave, and I will avoid blisters (fingers Crossed)

I am not worried about the weather, I know the desert will be hot, so plenty of sunscreen, electrolytes and I will carry extra water but that = weight! I am also taking a brolley and depending on the wind I will use it or just shelter under in on my breaks
As I said earlier, I do not tend to look at the weather forecast as I must hike anyway. Unless I am up high, and storms are forecast or if I am heading into the snow.
I am also concerned I that I have not done any training, but I firmly believe that the trail itself is the training. So I am couch to three thousand miles. Not the best we will see, But I want this so that should be enough. There is of course the possibility of failure but that is not to be mentioned, only positive thoughts
Missing home. Of course, ill will miss my family and friends and of course my dog Taylor
But once on trial I love the comradery, we all have the same goal to get to Canada unless your southbound lol and my fellow hikers with help motivate me and I them.

Excitement and inspiration.

I hike solo, relying on my experience and gut instincts, embracing the unknow, but will look forward to chowing down with the other riff raff on trial.
 Hiking solo allows you to start and stop when you want, decide on which route to take.
I am not waiting for people to catch up or racing to catch up.

Looking forward  to numerous Sunsets, sunrises,
To stare at the stars  though uncluttered sky’s .
The rocks and geology . I have  always  loved  that, I am also  looking forward to exploring some of the Larva fields
The changing of  seasons the diversity of  the plants, the sheer beauty of this trail
All the other mad hikers out there who will inspire and  motivate me and hopefully I will them.
To make  friendships that will last many years

Thanks for reading and happy hiking!


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