Flights Booked

Hi everyone, it is Now 8th January 2022 and after having to cancel my hike of the cdt twice 2020 and 2021. I have now just booked my flight, God that was so stressful but now It is done

Got my dog sorted Tick,
House sorted Tick
other animals sorted Tick
so now it’s just me

OMG I am now so excited and can start booking and sorting out my first few weeks.
I am not one for planning. I tend to wing it, I find that more exciting,

My pack has been sat in the spare room for over two years, all packed and ready to go
so   the clock is now begging to count down
Sadly with covid and working from home a few, well a lot of pounds seemed to have on my body. Hopefully, the trail will soon take care of them. I am not a one for lots of training I tend to be couched to trail but start slow. I know it will be a tough few week.
So, it’s going to be will power and   stubbornness that will hopefully get me to the end

So, my Plan   I fly from London to Tucson… Then depending on how long I am stuck in immigration. I am hoping to get a bus to Lordsburg. Chill resupply send   my winter gear up trail.  Get a ride to Captain cook then start walking


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