Heading to Boston

Saturday 22nd September

I spent a few days in Millinocket hoping that the weather would improve to allow me to see Kadahdin without cloud or fog . but instead the weather got steadily worse. So no shot of me with blue sky. But it’s Done and I am slowly heading home.

The nice but about staying longer at The Hostel is that you see more of your friends arriving so you get to catch up on the gossip of who is where .
So it was good to catch up with Tree hugger. he had a nasty burn on his back. caused by a Washing pod. He had washed his clothes, and maybe the machine had stopped . unknowingly he then transferred his clothes to the dryer. The next day he put them on and some one. noticed the pod still on his shirt.
Again he thought nothing of it and hiked out . after an hour he was complaining of “pack rub” which steadily got worse.
His hiking buddy then noticed that it was foamy at the bottom of his shirt. Tree Hugger then realised what it was. and quickly took of his clothes and washed them in a stream but by now he was a huge chemical burn on his lower back.
so be careful out there and never carry these pods in your pockets!!
And also check your laundry when using these pods.

I glad to he has okay
So I’m heading to Boston today for a few days before I fly home.
I was up early went for breakfast before packing the rest of my gear into my suitcases.
I said goodbye to the rest of the guys and good luck to those who are climbing tomorrow.
It was now time to grab the shuttle , unusually it was just me. 20 minutes later I’m at the gas station (bus stop) as I go in to buy my ticket I see Sunshine the Japanese hiker.
Good to see him we have our normal conversation in broken English before the bus arrives.

9.40 and I am on leg one to Bangor


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