Day 159 Zero in Millinocket

Saturday 15th September

Oh such luxery of a real bed.

I got up showered another luxery and then went down to breakfast . it’s all self service continental which means cerial .waffles and toast .

But I ate my full and was fairly happy.

Once back room I stripped down my pack being fairly brutal on my rubbish ie excess Ziploc ‘s and dumped loads of crap. I checked out and headed back to town.

It was a beatiful morning and warm all ready . I passed a few stores and went inside for a nose.

As I walked I passed the post office ,good to know where that is as that’s will be my next chore after checking in.

At the hostel there were a few familiar faces just chilling . .I dropped my pack and enjoyed an early beer with them while I waited to check In

Then to be post office I had 14 parcels Omg . I unwrapped them and put the contents into my new suit case then bounced my hiking poles to Boston ..and whoop my new bed was here so i swapped for my duff one and returned it to Exped . I hope I can get all this stuff home I thought !!

I then staggered back to my hostel with my suit case and other boxes .

I sorted through the stuff on my bed. and managed to get most a of it into my suitcase .Great

I then. went to explore the festival . as I was leaving I met orange Nija whilst chatting he mentioned that the hostel may have an old suit case . FOC.

Yes they did fantastic so.i threw the rest of my gear into it plus my excess stuff that I didn’t want to carry up.the mountain tomorrow .Result.!!!

I then explored town before meeting up.with the invsible man and nattydaddy for a few beers

We sat in the garden of the blue pub and were joined by a few more hiker trash .

It was great just chilling and chatting . I called it a day at 5pm as I wanted an early night as I was climbing tomorrow and the shuttle left at 6.10 am

Start. 2176

Finish. 2176
Miles. zero
miles left. 6

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