Day 72

I woke up early as my alarm was teing me to get up so i wuickly switched it off.

I eventually woke at 8 am got up put on the coffee and stepped into the shower .

After stepping out I watched garbage on the tv and then decided to write some postcards.

Okay I need to leave I eventually managed to pack up and leave. I walked back to reception and checked out .They also took my postcards so that was a result .

I was just about to hike out when another hiker said hey snail have you had the breakfast?

so about turn and into the restaurant .I went to the counter and loaded my plate then ordered more orange juice and coffee. Then I went around again . and then one once more but then found the fruit.

one more juice then I was out and it was now 10 omg it’s late and I also I want to visit the next town and post my tourist stuff to my friend in Texas.

I pushed on 7 miles to the road and then I need to hitch

The morning seemed to whizz by may be it was a good night’s sleep in a real bed .

ping went my phone. cool we are doing well. the miles falling . .occasionally I stopped to get a view of the country side or to cross another road.

Eventually I reached the road or rather the main entrance to the park..

walked out and to the Rangdr bootb. and asked which way I needed to head.

I then walked to the road and held out my thumb.

Soon I was heading into Lurray

the couple actually dropped me at the postoffice. I thanked them as they drove off.

since onside the post office I had to almost dismantle my pack as the stuff that I wanted to post was typically at the bottom. I choose a box then put all my excess gear into it and posted it up the trail.

Once done I really needed a wee so visited the nearest which was the train museum.

it was fairly interesting . I asked if they had a stamp but sadly not ..Okay once my chores were done I walked back to the. freeway and held out my thumb.

I was fait lucky as I was picked up by the ridge runner and so I learnt a great deal on the journey back.

She was off to the first shelter and had her saw and secatears.

we walked for a while it I was faster and took off. I was heading for. Elkwallow wayside . I was Hopi g to get there by 4ish. have supper and hike on .. I pushed on listening to the lound rumble of thunder and occasionally I got a light sprinkle. but rain was coming even though the sun shone with all its might.

I began to hear voices but I couldn’t make out what direction they were coming from .Then two hikers appeared. behind me one I hadn’t seen before the other was Bob Narley.

Hey man how are you doing .

See you at the wayside.

It was about an hour later that j arrived at Elkwallow wayside.

I dropped my pack and went inside . I ordered the chicken strips with fries . a lemon soda. a milk shake and 2 beers .

I went outside to eat my dinner as I did the sky turned black and I had just finished eating when it threw it down..I sheltered under the veranda.

Omg it rained and it rained .

FUCK FUCK I can’t put my tent this . as I sat in despair staring at the rain . Bob and his companion appeared

this is not good Snail. They had planned on hiking to the. ext shelter at least another 6 miles away. They are fast but it now so dark .

I watched as they shut up the shop andocked every thing up .

I really wanted to camp right here but it’s Naughty lol.

The rain eased a little so I had a reckie of the area . Just to.the right was a picnic area . Right that will do me . I said bye to my fellow hikers and headed out. with my pack .

I found a good spot and managed to put tent quickly without it getting too wet. Then I hung my food bag. I had eaten loads so no need to cook again so straight to bed .

Milage 17 miles .


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