Day 58 heading to Dalesville

I slept well apart from being women by a beady eyed mouse. my fat as I slept with my tent open. well I asked him nicely to leave then went back to sleep

I was 6am but wasn’t ready to hike untill 7.30.

when I walked back go the shelter there were many usual faces. I said my hello then made my way back to the trail. I followed Poppins for a while until they stopped for a break.

there were many campsites as I walked and with the luxury of bear boxes. so I could of pushed on a bit more last night …..maybe.

The trail continued on with its typically up and I was fairly pleased that I didn’t hike on.

Once Vain it took me the ridge to climb some rocks and then back down. As I walked on o began to meet more people heading the other way. Day hikers.section hikers egg.

Now and then I would catch a view of the lakes far below .

I was looking forward to a real.bed something that I missed out on at the last town. These thoughts seemed to help my legs and I was beginning to crush the miles.

I emerged from the forest into one of the many cleared areas that the electric pylons walk across. That must of have been an amazing engineering feat as they stretch for miles over the distant mountains. But these areas normally give you great views and no they did not disappoint. Wow amazing. I stood staring for a few mins before moving on.

I then bumped into a dad and daughter out for a few hours hike. we chatted for a while and his mother was from chippy a town not far

I pushed on coming to railway line not far now I thought .

That seemed to spur me on and soon I was standing at the busy main road.

I could see Howard Johnson’s so set off towards it arrived hot and sweaty. please have a room!!!!

As I was booking in Fish appeared. he had made it the night before. May see you later , but he was expecting company.

I checked the hiker box. and there were several beers so I squirreled them away and headed to my room .

it was a roomy sou me fantastic.

I dropped my backed stepped out of my clothes and straight into the shower. Omg that was so good.. Once clean I grabbed my stinky clothes and went to the laundry. . Great chores over so I opened up.a beer

Then I wandered around the motel. found the pool and sat relaxing with my beer. I chatted with my other hiker buddies drank a few more beers. I could of sat here all day but I wanted to visit the outfitters. It was in the other direction all g the very busy road .

I found the store so brought a few bits and of course a 12 pack. then to the outfitters. I brought several pieces of spare kit then bumped in to Red Fox s or Jo one of the guys that I had started with many many weeks ago.

have you had lunch I asked?

No what do you have in mind?

I fancied the BBQ place

okay see you in 20 mins

When i got there Peach and bumble bee was there. we chatted then I ordered.

I went for thel local style Ribs and wow they were so good havnt eaten ribs in a while .must try more.

After my fill I walked back to my room decanted the food from.boxes into ziplocks then joined other hikers by the pool.

Later I decided to try the Mexican for dinner as it was just across the road. The food was good but they were putting up chairs fairly early which was disappointing .

I walked back to my room watched a film then it was xxx time

milage today 10 miles


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