Day 49 Bland VA

Monday 28th May

I really slept so well and was amazed to find that my tent was dry as I had heard it raining during the night.

I only packed up retrieved my food bag. made tea, stamped on the beer cans and I was ready .

it was about a mile-ish to the Grocery store/ restaurant.

I pushed on laughing to myself as I passed numerous tents shoehorned into tight spaces.

a little way down the trail I came to Happy feet and Bob Marley who were packing up . we said hellos and see you for breakfast .

i pounded down the trail passing through a large burn area . I wasn’t sure if it was a controlled burn or other. it seemed fairly recent as the smoke still hung in the air.

little further I spotted a wild turkey, then another but they kept hiding behind trees.

I pushed on and eventually exiting onto a asphalt road.

signs warned me to be safe as it was busy. (I saw nothing) I followed the road until I came to a huge pylon. The pylons stretched down the valley to the highway. I kept walking untill I began to see houses then I saw the grocery store and Bob. Hiya Bob.

I left my pack and entered. the owner was busy cooking breckfast so I grabbed a soda said I’d pay in a mo and sat down.

so ordered the breckfast plate which consisted of two Biscuits and gravy 2 fried eggs and bacon.

Biscuits are similar to British scones covered in white sauce.

that is biscuits and gravy and it’s rather tasty washed down with coffee.

They also do a good range of foods to resupply

Bob had the same as me . as we sat there a stream of hikers began to arrive.

I polished off my breakfast .grabbed another soda and a few bits then i was ready.

Bob was complaining that his tent was soaked

Happyfeet, Fish and myself said really as all of ours were dry.

Outside we a adjusted our packs . before setting off.

It was a road walk for about a mile then the climbing began.

I was felling good but the first climb was steep and endless and really sapped my energy plus I had a big breakfast inside me .

I chugged up the first hill god it was steep . the next few hours was a typical rollercoaster up and down up and down.

I eventually reached the first shelter, but as it was off trail I decided not to visit it so pushed on . The rest of the day was similar ups and downs with not much to see.

it was then that I decided that I wasn’t going gomlush today and that I would stop at the second shelter and stop .put up my tent and relax for the rest of the day. Yes Snail a short day and fax a d have an early night.

Happy with my plan I pushed on . and feeling happy began screeching at the top of my voice (singing)

I was miles away when I emerged onto forest road.. and there were of me congratulating me . Why?

It took a moment for the penny to drop … But I was at the 600 mile mark .Whoop whoop.

just then a car pulled up and asked us if we fancied a beer.

God yes so we all grabbed a beer while we had our photographs taken.

Then they produced cakes and doughnuts and food and more beer

Again thank you so much

I was just enjoying another beer when Bob arrived.

I said I was only going to the next shelter 2.5 miles away.

Bob the. suggested that there was a grocery store 9 more miles away that served food and beer.

Well Bob .if my feet can do it I will be there.

Bob is fast and headed off. but I had only go e a few yards when the heavens opened up.

It absolutely chucked it down. but I just pushed on splashing through the water. one and one.

I zoned out and just pushed I weirdly enjoy it . it’s cool.i don’t need to drink so much and I can sort of switch off.

Up and down the trail I pounded into I reached a sign for the next shelter. Naw not today . and pushed on past and on and on I crossed road and bridges . splashing and sloshing through the rain..

I stopped and got water in case I did not make the store.

I began to climb passing great campsites after great campsites. No not to day I shouted as I past them by. so was still climbing but once on the ridge I stayed there thank god. I was miles away when I ran into another hiker going South then another and another . six in total . I must be getting near I thought. but when I checked my map I was still 3 miles away

I then overtook a hiker a very rare thing for me to do .

But I spured me on and my legs began to .move faster .

I was shifting down the mountain untill the trail became a muddy mess and I was bringing every where and was scared that I may face plant.

The rain had made it treacherous I was holding onto tree branches as j was frightened that I may bend my poles. at last it evened out as I entered a wide meadow and cod hear the rush of water.

I was still decending when I came to a huge bridge. I videoed it as I crossed. but as I crossed the bridge began to sway scary.

Once across o saw a hiker and tent . Which way to the store ?

Tame a lect it’s a 1/2 mile

I set off all g the road. jumping into the hedge when cars approached.

seventy I are I ed st the garage/ Store. I dropped my pack and went inside . asked about camping $6 shower and laundry. That seemed a deal so I paid then ordered chicken strips and chips.

I took.mine honest outside S with the aircon it was warmer outside. It was then that I noticed. Bob and sidestep. Hi guys

I sat down and ate my dinner ..but they were going back to the water fall to camp.

I finished my chicken then went to look for the campsite.

I noticed one tent do set mine up near. there were showers but no towel and washers but no soap nut for $6.

I dumped all my clothes onto the machine squirted in some shampoo I found and hoped for the best. then I jumped in the shower. the water was hot and it was good to be clean.

When donevi walked. ack grabbed a six pack ice cream and gas and walked back to my tent.

The other hiker was about so we need up chat to g and drinking



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