Day 149 to Caratunk

Wednesday 5th September

I was up early and ventured down to the bog in hope of seeing another moose. I don’t know what i expected. There was no moose. I walked back to my tent and put on a brew whilst slowly packing up
I hit the trail at 6.45
It was a beautiful morning as I hiked on . I was shortly greeted by yet another beautiful lake, called East Carry Pond. It was stunning in the early morning sunlight. When I walked around it, I came to a gorgeous beach. Shit maybe I stopped too soon!!!.

I pushed on around the lake until I heard voices it was Kaleidoscope and So-hum.
“Hi guys nice to see you , great spot
I pushed on I knowing that they would soon catch me .
Once past the lake the trail climbed before flattening out, Such a nice change.
Again as I crossed several muddy patches I could see numerous Moose tracks, sadly no moose.

I soon came to the ” hut” but hiked straight past , the trail then opened out onto a huge lake again so beautiful this time the trail navigated around the outlets over rocks which were a touch sketchy.
I began to follow the outlet that turned into a lovely creek that bubbles it’s way over the rocks with large waterfalls. I began to follow it down the mountain, eventually I emerging out onto a road and saw the familiar motor home of Ossie’s ,but it looked deserted.
I crossed over and began to follow the creek, this would be my companion for the rest of the day.
Two hikers came past, who I had seen several times before .
“Don’t rush snail, there’s about 30 queuing for the ferry” he said
“Thanks ” I was planning to take a break shortly,
I pushed on following the creek, stopping now and then to admire it’s sheer beauty.
I then met Ossie’s wife coming the other way
“Hi ya SNATRAINER how are you “
She repeated the same information regarding the ferry
“Don’t rush there’s a big queue Snailtrainer”

When I eventually arrived at the river Kaleidoscope and So-hum were already here waiting their turn for the ferry.
The ferry was a canoe with a Pilot and he took two at once across the river.
I was pleased to see that it was only these two waiting and so it would soon be my turn.
I watched as Kaleidoscope and So-hum got into the canoe, then slowly made their way across the river to Caratunk
The river is dangerous and can rise dramatically and so the AT provide this ferry service.

The ferry man was soon back and then it was my turn .As i had to paddle i was unable to video my crossing , oh well.
I was soon across and thanked my boat man. It was a small walk through some woods . As i began to leave I turned back to see So-hum dive into the water and swam back to the other side . “He’s fucking nuts !!
“Later’s guys” I called and headed towards town and the hostel . As i walked in i saw many familiar faces including Samaritan sat on the Porch .
“Hey Dude how are you?
I dropped my pack and joined him on the porch.
His companions had hiked out and he was trying to decide what he wanted to do.
As i sat relaxing I found out that the post office didn’t open until 2 pm and it was only 12 so I decided to book a room then returned to the porch with several cold tins of lemonade .

I took my gear to my room then borrowed some loaner clothes while mine got washed . At 2 pm i set off to the post office to hopefully get my replacement charger.
Fantastic it was here , God it was sweltering as i made my way back to the hostel.
I managed to get on line and answer a few emails and order a replacement mat and possibly my socks . I also managed to order some clothes to go home in.
So-hum asked me what I was doing for dinner.?
“The brewery sounded good” i replied
We manged to organise a ride and walked in at 5 pm. Wow what a great place .

We sat outside , I ordered steak fillets with loaded fries and salad.
Some how they messed it up so I received double Omg it was vast. so I was completely stuffed
I fancied a few beers to take back but they only did a growler, Okay 64 flozs it is
Once back we all sat on.the porch just relaxing with beer until the bugs drove us inside.

Start. 2028
Finish. 2040
Miles. 12
miles left. 150


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