Day 144

Friday 31st

Paul had put an extra sleeping bag in my tent as it was predicted to be cold . So I was so toasty last night and there was no hurry to get up.

But my body clock woke me at 6am so I dozed listening to the pinecones dropping on the tarp above my head.

At 8 I funky emerged visted the porta loo then wandered back to my tent. It was like my pack had exploded in my tent there was stuff every where.

my new buckle had arrived from Osprey so I fitted that and adjusted the hip belt . glued on my hiking patches .then began to pack. My new tent stuff sack had arrived so I swapped that over.

Again I seemed to have a ton of food . one day I will get that right. I wandered back to the main area there were a few hikers moving out. I sat at the table while money penny (English gal) cooked me breakfast while I waited I grabbed a brownie made by local lady . which are fantastic.

I drained my coffee and grabbed another. then scoffed my breakfast. It was a gorgeous morning as I sat in the sun. I really didnt want to move.

Paul came back from shuttling and said you guys are going to have great views on the summit’s today.

It’s no good I need to move. I went my tent and finished packing. Then i hoisted up my pack Omg it’s heavy . I said my good byes and walked up the drive and back to the road. it’s .3 back to the trail . I passed several hikers going the other way

One asked me about the Hiker hut. I said that I liked it and thst it worked for me and that he does do shuttles to town.

I reached the trail head crossed over and began to.hike it has just gone 9 am .

It was nice and cool as I headed into the forest . it was going several large climbs but oddly I was really looking forward to them

My first was going to be Saddle Back mountain, the biggest climb of the day .The start was fairly gentle. .passing several lovely lakes . I met many sobos and short hikers. crossed several bogs then the climbing started. then Kalidascope and her man came through . Fuck am.i that slow . we gave each other abuse laughing see you guys up the trail.

It was just over 3 hours till I submitted Saddle back and wow the views were totally amazing .Wow it was a great day to hike a clear day so I could see for miles.. Kalidascope and ahem were just finishing their lunch as I arrived.

So as they got up.i took.their spot. I enjoyed some an a is but really I could of dat here all day as the views were just breathtaking.

eventually I hiked on as I had my next mountain to climb named the Horn, but of course I have to go down first. From the top of Saddleback it was easy to see my route and in the distance was Kalidascope. Wow they got there fast but yes they are fast.

The down wasn’t too bad and I was soon climbing again and the up was fairy sketchy in places. As I climbed I ran into another trail crew who were replacing some stairs (Rock steps) Great job a said puffing and panting . Before continuing on.

At last the trail began to get easier . thank you . And i began to climb up more of the huge rock slabs so it didnt take too long untill i was at the top of the horn whoop whoop. Again the views were incredible .okay Snail 1 more to climb today then we can look to camp .

The down from this one was fairly crappy .huge rocks to clamber over . knarly roots to trip you so I came down fairly slow in fact incredibly slow . But I don’t want to fall and hurt myself or break some thing especially this close to the end .

Eventually the trail flattened out .As I was about to head down a bit more I passed several other hikers . I chatted to them. and they said thst they were helping Pappy. This is the 87 yr Old hiking the

Applalacian Trail.. The last time i saw him was in the Shanadoah’s As I continued we met, So I grabbed another opportunity to get a photo with him . What a great inspiration your are I said . Then on to my final climb Saddleback Junior.

Again the climb wasn’t too bad. I had to navigate over many bogs before once again I was on rock . Again once I had submitted the views just kept getting better. I could see my whole route thst I had just completed. I stood staring for several minutes before starting the decent.

As I’m about to decend a group of 10 young students puffed their way up. They are on orientation or to me Team building .

Once they had all climbed up I began my decent. It was steep.and slippy at first . which then turned into mud.

I navigated around these until the duck boards reappeared .

The trail st last became nice allowing me to put in some spurts of speed.

I shortly began to smell that typical smell associated with Privys or rather human Poo.

I must be close I thought then saw the privy. Maybe it’s the rock or water source but they seem to be built a long way from camp..

Tents I can see tents and then.the shelter. I dropped my pack found a flat spot then put up my tent.

The other guys were here, camping nearby in the woods there were 3 others here. a lovely lady . and xxx

I grabbed water then began cooking of the other hiker has hung his hammock in the shelter .

after dinner I lit a fire and we sat chatting. As we did another group of students arrived. who were doing another orientation

They headed a little way into the woods.

As we sat chatting by the fire I was asked if I had tried a ‘Smore’ Nope what is it ?

It’s a marshmallow that you toast so its golden then you sandwich between 2 biscuits and a square of chocolate. it’s better if the biscuits have been close to.the fire so thst the chocste is soft or melty.

Sounds yummy and I know my DAUGHTER would love it.

As we talked on . one of the guys from.the group came over to ask if we minded if they came to the fire after they had eaten. The rest of the hikers said to him this British guy doesn’t know what a smore is !!

Oh he said then returned several.minutes later with all the bits the biscuits , the chocolate and of course marshmallows.

Then they demonstrated how to make one.

Wow I’m.hooked I love them. I sat a little longer then returned to my tent. I chatted. a wjilecwith the group of students then itvwas. time for Zzz

Start. 1970.5

Finish. 1981

Miles. 10.5

miles left. 210


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