Day 143 Zero in Rangeley

Thursday 30th August

I slept really well in a strange tent  thanks to beer May be.
I got up visited the loo then walked to the main area.
Paul cooked me a fab egg roll with cheese washed down with several cups of coffee.
It was now chore time. Paul dropped me I to town at  9am. First was laundry, whilst i waited I did a few emails . Post office next (other end of Town) OMGI had 8 packages here , that i promptly bounced up the trail. I picked up my poles . I wanted to swap them out but Bollocks. they seem to have stuck in and I couldn’t free them in the Post office. So I wandered down the road to the outfitters. They had a space for hikers with tools.
I almost lost the will to live trying to unseize them and was about to buy a new set of Leki’s when at last. But then the fun started I couldn’t get the catches to lock and the Leki’s were almost in my hand but finally I was done.
Next was the library, to download my phone and upload video. It was whilst I was here I realised that my power bank ( a huge battery ) had stopped charging .Bollocks and Fuck that’s all I need. so I logged a support call with  Anker but I need a replacement now. So i ordered another from Amazon we will see which one comes first. !
Okay most of my chores are sorted. need feeding and beer
I wandered to the pub, passing a sign that read half way around he poles. How cool is that.

Once in the pub I noticed that they had lobster rolls on the special board.  I ordered up two with fries and coleslaw and of course a beer.

Wow how good is a lobster roll, bloody excellent and awesome. Okay fed & watered.
I wandered back to the gear shop to enquire about a backup battery, they had one but it was expensive and not quite what I wanted.

I needed to resupply next , to my amazement  the shop assistant said that she would take me. perfect.
Once at the store I grabbed more beer. snacks, spare batteries and then I noticed a small battery pack so brought that too. Once done  i sat outside on a bench  and sorted my gear  as my phone charged  before walking back to my pick up point.
Soon I was back at the Hiker Hut. I sat by the fire enjoying a beer before returning to my tent.

I sorted out my stuff before laying in bed listening to music eating crisps and quaffing beer. Joy.

Start. 1970.5
Finish. 1970.5
Miles. Zero


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