Day 142 to Rangely…!

Wednesday 29th Aug

I was awake by 5 but dozed to half past. then hot up and went to find the loo I should of asked last night as I wandered aimlessly around for 10 minutes

But wow what a loo it’s new and large quite grand in fact .

once back at my tent ( no food bag to collect as i slept with it .)

it’s not the bears it’s the rodents!!!!!!!!

I put my stove on for a brew and breckie as I stripped down.there was a girl at the back she got up and in seconds was packed and walking out amazing. sadly I’m not that fast .

I scoffed my instant oats .slurped my tea and then I was away .Snail today’s target was 17 miles can you do it ….

Well I was going to try .

I walked back to the trail .and I was away ..small climbs at first then I was up on the rock. I’m sure this trail was drawn as a doodle as I seemed to be going round in circles. But then wow what a view . the lakes … I stood for a few minutes then pushed on . It was going to be a lot of climb a in the morning then a straight down to Rangely . But my map often lies . The climbs were more up, up down up ,up down up ,up, up up down a bit then flatish .

The trouble with these is they kill me .. but I pushed on .I have to say trail was bloody good . nice and kind a few weaves and a lot of bog crossings which is FUN and challenging. ha ha

in the distance I began to hear cars . oh good a road. I chugged up a steep incline and then Wow..Bloody wow . what an amazing views of Rangely lakes.

Rangely is famous for its ski resorts. .it’s where the young Olympic hopefuls come to train and in summer it’s a fisherman’s paradise. so a busy tourist place.

There was a bench that I collapsed into . and as I was eating few snacks a German hiker called xxx came by.

we studied the maps together . cool 4.5 miles to the power lines then down into Rangely. but sometimes my maps lie

I headed off first, knowing he would soon whizz by me .Which he did .

My next target was the hut (lean to) by the lake that would be my almost halfway point of 8.5 miles. . I shortly came to the lake which looked so idyllic. the trail follwed it around and then There was the shelter whoop and itvwas only 12 pm To have got this .(nut I do not know what is ahead)

I got water from.the lake then walked up the side trail towards the shelter. There were several tent platforms.zi dumped my stuff then walked up to the shelter .I signed the register then walked back to my gear.

I put on a brew and ate snacks . a fellow hiker came and went as i relaxed in the sun.

It was whilst I was here ithst I noticed that my phone was low on charge

odd I thought and plugged in the battery . The battery said ” im Dead” Bollocks . not now I need you … Oh well It is what it is

Okay snail we need another 8

I pushed on and was so pleased when I passed the power lines .but then my God wouldn’t fix and kept telling me I had 12 miles to go . No no thst can’t be right . I ignored it and just hiked on. so spent the next hour crossing bog after bog untill at 3 pm I needed a break .It was at this time my phone died Great!!!!!

I sat and ate the rest of my snacks .I was Hoping to meet u.with a friend but with no phone I’m blind !!

I pushed on u till I came to so.e BlackBerry bushes here my speed dropped. As I gorged on these little gems ..

Come on Snail ……

I pushed on as my watch pinged 5pm oh god how much further Then i passed a sign day 1 miles. thanks Maine guys I like that. several bogs later and a few scary slab manoeuvres and i at the road. nut with no phone do.i go right or left .

As I sat pondering a guy got dropped off . Which way to Rangeley I asked. it’s left

nut walk on the left hand side until.your past the barrier

And there’s the hiker hut there . why don’t you stay there?

-I thanked him and set off up the road. Eventually coming to.a sign for the Hiker Hut. I stood there for 10 minutes with my thumb out. Before deciding to go check out the place.

I walked down and into a beautiful garden . sat at the table were the German duo of Father and daughter. The man in charge appeared any room.i asked I have only the tent. I looked, i liked . Yes that will do me . he then gave me supper $7 and i washed that down with two beers. He was then heading to town do I could grab a shower at the sorts ground and then vrsb a six pack . COOL I said jumping in his car.

The sports Center was a trendy Gym . I signed in and enjoyed a long shower. Input on. clean clothes then headed to the store. Xxx then arrived. and dropped me off at the store.

I’ll be back had said there are 2 other hikers in there.

O grabbed s basket got some more cash then began to shop.

I only came on for beer .but while I’ Then i ran into the two hikers ….. It was Kalidascope and Ahem

Hey your clean was the conversation ….

I whizzed around grabbing nits then beer. I grabbed s six pack of Shipyard 5.5% yummy.

As I got back into the car it was an amazing sun set over the lakes but sadly no camera .

Once back I chilled with other hikers then off to my tent which i really like .

Night all

Start. 1953

Finish. 1970.5

Miles. 17.5

miles left. 220

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