Day 141

Tuesday 28th August

I had set the alarm for 5 am to hopefully hit the trail by 6 and claw back some of those miles.
But typically I woke to the sound of heavy rain so didn’t move until it began to slow.

Once it did I quickly packed up before making a brew and breckfast . I was sitting on a tree stump doing my tea when the rain returned with vengeance. I covered up my pack and finished my tea.
My back groaned as I hoisted my pack I blame the wet tent.
It was just over 4 miles to the next shelter and up . As I walked my mind argues with it’s self ….You should of gone on . I needed to rest. I let them argue!!!!
The trail wasn’t that nice rocky and twisty such fun…… As I made my way up the sun decided to come out and so it soon became humid and me soaked. It was just over 2 hours before I reached the shelter. It was deserted except for one lonely sleeping hiker ..Bless.
I carried on past and down the other side. It was bloody steep too steep for my knees that complained. It was another hour till I was down and emerged into a lovely little campsite. This was my actual target for Yesterday. But the pond was my choice.
As I made my way through I noticed some huge tarps ad wondered if there was trail magic ? But couldn’t see anyone. I then had to cross a wide river and in the morning light it looked beautiful.

I was now time for my second climb again steep, as I made my way up wyman MT I began to hear voices I presumed other hikers coming down .But as I got higher I could see it was a trail crew. They were replacing/ building new steps. It’s quite fascinating to watch as i stood there panting the lady crew said yes this mountain kicks your butt.
Thanks for that I said you could of waited till I was at the top.
I carried on up and 10 minutes later came across another crew doing the same. They had a large block and tackle to move these giant rocks I’m so impressed and thanked them for their hard work .
Yes she was right this mountain did kick my butt. at the top I collapsed and took off my shoes it was a great view. I rested and ate a few snacks
Okay let’s go 1 down 2 more to go Old Blue mountain was next and  was a killer lol.
Its not a gentle path up these mountains it’s hand over hand climbing and it’s not straight up, you climb a bit you go down a little then you doodle through the forest navigate a bit or two then you climb some more. then it’s s huge down before you climb again. Old Blue took me 2 hours and as soon as there was a place I could collapse into then I did.
Omg I am completely knackered and I still have about 8 miles to go for my target and it was 2pm,
I made a brew and ate the rest of my snacks, as I sat there another exhausted hiker appeared.
Take my seat im done.

I hoisted up my pack and continued on and of course down . After a while I came to a spring and watered up. I still wanted to get to the shelter but in case I didn’t make it there was water on the trail and nearer but I like the dog I will  get water if possible as I do not filter. I pushed on ,come Snail you can do this and headed for mountain no 3 Ben is mountain.
The climb started similar then I was back to the boards, these had seen better days and so it was a challenge trying to keep you feet dry. I  was pushing but didn’t want to fall as the trail here was so slippery.
As I climbed even higher the wind came. It was fairly terrifying as many of the trees were bending and groaning and the roots were lifting on some. Great I thought crushed by a tree

As I came to an opening I  had some great views of some amazing lakes in the far distance one is Lower Richardson lake they look huge.
I was taking more photos  when Peach zoomed past.
You going to  the shelter Snailtrainer,?
Yes if my legs hold out i said
Peach then vanished. I’m sure he’s half goat , the way he skips down the mountains.
I was beginning to tire it was 6.30 it would take me at least another hour as the trail was rock, bog and steep slabs. and when I’m tired I go slower as that’s when I fall and hurt myself.
Where is that shelter I crossed over big plates of rock
I was worried that may be I had missed it as I should be there by now,
It seemed to be taking  ages  until I spotted a tent. Thank fuck I said to myself. as I had, had enough.
The best flat spots had been taken but as I was so tired I didn’t care. and quickly threw my tent up. Imeaditly made a brew then made a Ramin bomb (, ramin and mashed potato ). but I added cranberries and bacon. Bloody good .washed down with a second brew.

It was now pitch dark so straight to bed. The wind is howling high above me @!

Start. 1936
Finish. 1953
Miles. 17
miles left. 246



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