Day 140

Monday 27th August


I type this late at night in poor light with poor eyes on a small screen so excuse typos and spelling I will correct when home.

also can’t always load photos. due to service !

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Roger robinson (Snailtrainer)

I slept realy well maybe it was. Jason’s burgers or perhaps the half dozen cans of beer.

I got up on my second alarm . visited the loo then began to pack up . when I was almost done I put on a brew and made breckfast.

was tent was fairly wet but I have known wetter

I said my good byes to iron man and strolled out of th camp. My back groaned under the weight. and of course I was heading up

Jason was telling us about the climb a yesterday but I had completely forgotten .

It was an overcast morning perfect for climbing. mountains but there will not be any views.

The climbs wernt actually too Steep but it still took me 2.5 hours to reach the top. As I was resting Guber came past .See you at the top snail he said and raced off into the fog..

Mm. I thought I was at the top!

I set off on the ridge .wh I h was solid sheets of rock following the cairns that appeared in the fog as you got nearer. I realised that I was climbing a.d as I got higher the wind came and it was fairly terrifying as I had to climb up.a solid rock wall . and because if the fog clouds I couldn’t see the top. The wind ripped at my rain cover and I expected it to go sailing away. Up and up till I was at the actual top but I couldnt see anything .Time to go down again the wind. hoed and itvwas difficult to stand up.straight or walk in a straight line . now and then.the clouds lifted to travel amazing landscapes. but blink.and they vanished.. As I made my way down I noticed kaldascope was behind me .

The trail down then became very challenging and down right scary . The slabs in the dry take some doing but in the wet they are lethal. I inched my way down trying to stay upright. I eventually came to a bit where there was a rope to help you down. I have to say Maine has given us the toughest trail so far with everything. deep bogs.ladders. rock mazes and scary climbs .

I used to class myself as a hiker but I can now add rock climber to the list. I pushed on still spiralling down. I stoped to let kaleidoscope pass then followed them until they vanished. Today I was hoping for a better trail as I have really been struggling to do the miles. I’ve gone from 20s to 10s

Fantastic at last I’m in a forest on an almost flat trail whoop . but it still had nasty stairs every so often and typically the last one I came down on my arse Fuck and @#$^& I grazed my knuckles .I be sat on my arse every day since getting to.the whites. and now we are in Maine I’m still doing it. I was really annoyed with myself but dusted myself down. and pushed on down the trail. and to cheer me up the sun came out. hurrah 😎

I pounded down the trail leaping rocks and jumping over small bogs .Soon I came to my first leantoo (Hut Every state has a different name for them) It had the most in front to deter porupines.

There was a hiker called purple rain and Kalidascope and ahem were there

I stopped for lunch. As I was relaxing iron man arrived and then from.the other direction Rodregas arrived I hadn’t seen months. but he was now flipfloping . Headed north to New York . then moved to MAINE and heading south

We caught up on gossip . whose still waking and who’s gone home.

Time to hike I hoisted my pack and headed up the hill once up again the trail was pretty good a few ups a few downs but all sensible . I was Hopi g to get go.the me t shelter. that. would give me 16 miles and I was good on time .I was felling happy as I hiked along.

Until I walked down an innocent slab . the next minute I was sat in a big . For fuck sake I screamed not agsin. I got to my feet mud driving shorts . I had words with myself and decided at the next water I would change.

It was almost another hour till I reached the perfect spot it was rather idyllic. Lying on a the sun was Kaleidoscope Ahem was on the river bank and another was sat on s rock in the middle of the river.I crossed over dropped my pack got out my spare shorts then returned to the river to wash them and my socks . I also topped up water.

Back across I washed my hair as it was gross

Then it was time to go itvwas only 2pm but I was flagging i normally hike untill at least 6.

Come on snail. I urged myself on then jumped back as a snake shot into my path.

It wasn’t a rattler. but as I didn’t know what it was I wasn’t taking any chances.

So I videoed him Instead. but then he lunged at me which startled me. so I moved on quicy. It was still a glorious afternoon as I dropped down to another glorious lake. I followed it around and st one side there were several large spots suitable for camping.

I checked my watch 4.30. and it’s 4 more to the next shelter and it’s up..

So I decided to camp early

that’s let’s my tent dry too.

so time for dinner and a brew.

Start. 1924

Finish. 1936

Miles. 12

miles left. 264

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