Day 139

Sunday 26th August

I emerged from my tent on the second alarm and carried out the normal drill loo retrieve food bag pack up make tea hike out. I wanted to be on trail by 6.30 and no later than 7. so I was on time .

I did the usual first climb then it was level for a while then down steep down and there were several ladders . I stopped to let a faster hiker past he was an Aussy out with his son. we followed each other and chatted as we hiked . the trail still continued down and was very shitty. We stoodxadide to let another hiker up .

Enjoy the rocks he called out as he passed.

This meant nothing to me.

UNTILL we arrived at the rocks ! WTF!!!!!

It was approximately a mile of huge boulders. some you go over some you go under.

I removed my pack soni could strap my poles on (you don’t or can’t use poles for this). Next tighten every thing as if you lose it you will not be getting it back

Now let the fun took me just o we an hour to tackle this obstacle course. over under around. I have to say what is the point..But you could say that of the AT. I’m just so glad that it was DRY!.

Half way along I passed the South African party of Springbok….etc xxx Said to me didn’t you have a tent on your pack ?

fuck I said. But she was just winding me up .. Nice one grrrr.

once through this fun part of shut all we all collapsed in a heap drained water bottles and ate snacks.

Next was the big climb. again I followed the Aussie up. it was gnarly and shitty for the first half hour then was just huge slabs of granite.It funny I seem to be able gone in up these nut itcdtilltook me 1.5 hours tobtrachbthe summit then itvwas a quick photo opportunity before the decent.Ad I have Said many a time the decents kill my knees so I go down slow.with the odd stumble. Then itvwas the next climb once up .this one the views were amazing

Time was getting on do at the first opportunity I stopped for lunch. ate snacks and brewed up. After this it was down but I never believe what the map says

Again I hadn’t done huge milage but all ready I was struggling so decided that if there was a stealth spot(tent spot) near the car park then that would do me.

As I began my decent I began many sevtion hikers people out for the day etc.

I met a lovely lady dressed in a tutu and tiara she had just completed the 48peak challenge so was so excited . she insisted thst i had several of her homemade choc chip cookies. They were dam good.

As I decended lower I began to hear cars and do at the next stream I decided to water up.

It wasn’t long until i stumbled into the car park that was full

lying down was Guber son of Aussie, Kaleidoscope and i am.

A man called Jason was doing trail magic I sat down and was handed a beer as he cooked me a burger . I ended up eating 3 burgers that were fab and a sausage stuffed with CHEESE. he also kept supplying me with beer TOP MAN!

he also had a cooler Filled with hiker food..sides snacks etc.

Wow what a guy. As I sat enjoying my beer it began to pour.Chris quickly threw up a tarp done a remained dry.

see remained drinking and eating untill the sun c

me out . As I was now stuffed. fed and was time to. camp

I Said to iron man I’m crashing at the back.of the car park . Good call snail do you mind if i join you ?

not at all.

There were some great spots so tent was soon up .

Start. 1914

Finish. 19

Miles. 10

miles left. 276

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